Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Palestinian’ peace, Gentile silence, Jewish Redemption

Almost every day, the world hears the same message: The 'Palestinian' people want peace. Israel rejects peace. 'Palestinians' attack Israel out of 'frustration' over Israel's anti-peace behaviour.

That message is false. There’s a reason there's no peace in this region. But that reason isn't Israeli intransigence. There's no peace here because of ‘Palestinian’ Jew-hate (see below).

The UN, the USA and the EU ignore this Jew-hate. They respond to this hate with silence.  

The US, EU and UN should know better. ‘Palestinians’ don’t hide their Jew-hate. The nations should reject that hate. 

They don't. They find nothing wrong with ‘Palestinian’ Jew-hate. 

The Obama administration, the EU and UN are not innocents who’ve been taken in by sophisticated falsehoods. They are not naïve. They have too much access to information to be innocent. They have too much experience on the international stage to be naive.

I’d say they accept ‘Palestinian’ Jew-hate because they want to accept it. Somewhere in their Western-Christianized collective consciousness, the US, EU and UN (created by Western thought) find the demonization and ultimate destruction of the Jews to be a satisfying thought. That’s why the US, EU and UN say nothing about the ‘Palestinian’ hate you're about to see.

The video below was made in 2009. It references other videos made as long ago as 1995. The video is connected to the website HonestReporting. It's 8:03 minutes. 

Points to remember:

-‘Palestinian’ children's shows are laced with Jew-hate incitement.

-TV reinforces this hate: everyone yearns for martyrdom...martyrdom is a beautiful thing...martyrdom is better than peace...I celebrate as I eat the flesh of my usurper...

-The worse form of child abuse is to teach a child to hate...these are kindergarten children being taught to be suicide bombers.

-These children are being raised to believe that the entire land of Israel is Arab...the entire land is Arab..Haifa, Jaffa, Hebron...all the land is Palestine, all the land is Palestine. Repeat enough and the children will learn: all the land is Palestine.

-The Palestinian Authority (PA) publicizes the worst kind of Jew-hate, including those who shout, 'just give us weapons. We will kill them all [the Jews]. We won't leave a single Jew. We won't leave a single Jew here'. What kind of people glorify such hate?

-In every map, in every schoolbook, Israel is Palestine: that is, their Palestine replaces Israel. They do not teach peace. They do teach that Israel and 'Palestine' should live side-by-side in peace and security (the mantra of the UN, the EU and the Obama administration). They teach 'Palestine' will erase and replace Israel. How can there be a two-state solution when ‘Palestinians’ are taught there is only one state in their future—Palestine.

-Israel doesn't exist...Israel doesn't exist...Israel doesn't exist. How many times do we have to hear it to understand it: Israel doesn't exist, Israel doesn't exist--all the land is Palestine, all the land is Palestine, all the land is Palestine. Get it? Kindergartners do. So tell me: with this kind of education during 1995-2009, will young Arabs in 2016 be talking about peace with Israel—or getting rid of Israel?

-The Oslo Accords (for a two-state solution) were supposed to be the road to peace. That’s what the US, EU and UN say. But ‘Palestinians’ disagree. They say Oslo was just a Trojan Horse to get inside Israel, to continue the battle against Israel. For ‘Palestinians’, the purpose of the Oslo Accords is to weaken Israel and then destroy Israel...The strategic goal is the liberation of 'Palestine', from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. If that’s what the PA says, why do you blame Israel for ‘no peace’?

-Little children are taught to want to kill Jews.

Here’s a suggestion: if the US, EU and UN choose not to hear or see PA hate, they make that choice consciously. Their silence in the face of that hate suggests they want what ‘Plaestinians’ want: the destruction of the State of Israel.

Why else would they refuse to address the Jew-hate? Put another way. since when are Jew-hate and peace compatible?

In the end, there will be an accounting for this hate—and for the acceptance of this hate. That accounting will be part of the Plan that HaShem, the G-d of Israel, has for the Final Jewish Redemption.

Don’t take my word for it. Read your Tanach. Read the Talmud tractate, Avodah Zara.

History is unwinding. In the end, there will be a collective Judgment. In the end, those who embrace or empower Jew-hate will receive a Just reward--measure-for-measure.

Biblical Promises will be fulfilled: those who bless Israel will be blessed. Those who curse Israel will be cursed.

Stay tuned.

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