Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Modern Educayshun

Europeans become increasingly aware of the threat they face from hostile Muslim migrants.

Americans become increasingly aware that the American Dream evaporates before them.

Jews in Israel become increasingly aware that HaShem controls history.

The world changes. It threatens us. We try to mind our own business but can't.

To illustrate how our world changes, some creative types have made a short film (7:20 long). It's about modern education. Because these are creative types, they call their film, "Modern Educayshun".

Take a look. It's a Brave New World your children enter when they go to college. It's a world where social media, political correctness and hypersensitivity shape how your children think about their world. This Brave New World includes not only science, but Israel as well, which gets the same treatment in the real world as science gets in this film.

The film is courtesy israelvideonetwork. If you've seen it, that's okay. It's worth a second look:

As you think about this Brave New World, consider this:

political correctness does not stand alone. It's part of a tri-level world-view of the far Left that joins political correctness to multiculturalism and to moral equivalence ("Multiculturalism + moral equivalence + political correctness = incompetence + corruption + political dominance", one citizen speaking, no date). It makes everybody equal. It tells us it is hateful to criticize one who hates us. It makes us compassionate to the cruel.

It dictates who is the oppressed, who the oppressor. It reshapes what is right, what is wrong.

As you saw in the film, math must be modified (in the extreme) to account for political correctness and some form of 'social equivalence' as determined by the 'group'. Correctness is first. Reality is last.

This is the thought-process that makes 'Palestinians' morally superior to Jews. It makes the 'Palestinian' claim to land
equivalent to the Jewish claim. It turns vicious Jew-hating 'Palestinians' into innocent victims who deserve the moral high-ground. It empowers the 'Palestinian' goal of erasing Israel from the world map. 

Correctness is first. reality is last. You must be compassionate to the cruel. It is hateful to criticize those who hate us.

It's through this Brave New thought-process that we see Israelis who defend themselves against Arabs trying to kill them are labelled the criminal, not the victim. It's a thought-process that has spawned a new social calculus called 'intersectionality' that makes Israel an evil force that influences black-white relations (for the worse) and sexual assault in America.

On one level, this film is correct. Your college-age children are indeed getting a 'modern educayshun'--in the mores which demand them to be anti-Israel. Your children learn how to be 'socially correct'. They learn that, for reasons of a new compassionate morality, Israel must be destroyed. 

Go back to the video. Go to 'full screen' (click the icon on the bottom right). Go to the 5:32 mark. Watch the final 110 seconds and think about what the world says about Israel, not math. 

The language is virtually the same (for math in this film and for Israel in real life): it's illegal for the Jew to defend himself. Facts (about Israel and the fake 'Palestine', for instance) are arrogant and offensive. The 'other'--the offended--has the right to kill.

That's your children's Brave New World. It's a world of lies-as-truth. It's a world they're being trained to accept without question. 

That's the goal of modern educayshun: don't ask questions. Just follow.

How much is your children's educayshun costing you?


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