Sunday, November 8, 2015

US pressures Israel as 'Palestinians' demand genocide

On Sunday, November 8, 2015, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to leave Israel in order to fly to Washington, DC. He's scheduled to meet with US President Obama beginning Monday, November 9, 2015.

The US intends to pressure Netanyahu for 'peace'. The inference we take from news accounts in the days leading up to this meeting is that Netanyahu is the sole Party responsible for a lack of peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA). 

In the face of such a 'troublesome' Israel, the US has begun a PR campaign to push (once again) for a 'two-state solution'. According to what we see in the news here in Israel, US VP Joe Biden is the front-man for this campaign--at least for now. 

This 'Biden campaign' appears as a one-man show. His approach seems to have two parts. Part one is a positive approach ("Biden: Two-state solution will ensure Israel's safety", Arutz Sheva, November 8, 2015). Part two is censorious (Cynthia Blank, "Biden: No excuse for derogatory comments from Israeli official", Arutz Sheva, November 8, 2015).  The US has apparently appointed Biden to 'play' Israel with a 'good cop-bad cop' script.

If the US wants peace, it's going to have to do better than that. Right now, it's starting its 'peace push' rear-end first. It simply isn't paying attention to reality. Israel is not the problem. The problem with 'no peace' is the PA.

You'll see that 'PA peace problem' in a moment. 

For months now, the PA has been inciting for genocide against Jews. It's called to kill Jews and has glorified Jew-killers in order to energize what 'Palestinians' themselves now call an 'Intifada' (see the MEMRI video below). The Obama administration has almost completely ignored this incitement-to-genocide media blitz. Instead of condemning this blood-thirsty and barbaric campaign, the US administration keeps turning to Israel to ask, 'why don't you want peace'?

Of course, with the PA using such hate-speech, peace is impossible. In fact, it's both appalling and shocking that the US should hit on Israel when all we hear from the 'Palestinians' is genocide--every day, all day. 

If Obama wants peace, he's going to have to get tough with Abbas. So far, he's been unwilling to do that.

As a result, Abbas begins where Obama stops. The longer Obama ignores the PA incitement to genocide, the louder grows Abbas' genocidal rhetoric. He ups the hate 'ante'. He rejects peace. He calls instead for blood to be spilled for allah.

You'll see all of this in the videos below.

A word of introduction. The second video you'll see--the MEMRI video--is just over 11 minutes long. It's a compilation of some 14 excerpts from Palestinian TV. 

For the Arabs who hate Israel, language is very specific. For example, you'll see Mahmoud Abbas using the word, Ribat. It's an Arabic word that refers either to Jihad (holy war), or to an individual who commits--or has committed to--holy war.

You'll see Abbas refer to 'martyrs'.  You'll also see an individual named Jibril Rajoub referring to '(Palestinian) self-sacrifice'. Both he and Abbas are talking about 'Palestinians' who attack Jews with the intent to murder, who are themselves killed ('sacrificed') in the attack, either before or after they have struck. 

Here's a 74-second video from Arutz Sheva. It shows what a 23-year old female 'martyr' looks like:


Why would a 23-year old female start an action that could easily cause her to be killed by someone defending himself?

The answer to that question lies in the 11-minute video from MEMRI:  


-Mohammed slaughtered Jews at a place called Khaybar. The cleric who refers here to this event is actually warning that Jews will see 'another Khaybar'. This is a common chant for an anti-Israel Arab protest.

-A cleric here speaks of Jews building walls. Israel has built a security wall. The 'Palestinian' narrative calls it the Apartheid Wall. The Pope recently visited Israel and stopped to lean in a mournful way against this supposedly Apartheid Wall. 'Palestinians' tell the world that this wall has been used by Israel to harm and humiliate 'Palestinians'. But the cleric in this video unwittingly tells the truth: the Jews built the wall to keep from getting their throats slit.

Apparently, the Pope felt the need to mourn the construction of such a wall.What does that tell you about the Pope?

-Another speaker, a 'Dean' of Quranic studies declares that Israeli women and children are 'fair game'. They can be attacked---not because of the 'occupation', but because they are Jews. This is genocide--the killing or the attack of individuals because they are members of a religious, national or ethnic group.

This video is  inflammatory. The speeches are vicious. Yet when Obama called someone, inflammatory' he chose Benjamin Netanyahu--for speaking ill of Haj-Amin al-Husseini, the Muslim Mufti of Jerusalem before World WarTwo. For Obama, that was inflammatory. But these barbaric words from 'Palestine'? Silence.

The contents of this MEMRI video illustrate what incitement to and justification for genocide look like in the modern Arab world. You would be hard-pressed to find other examples of such barbaric genocide-talk anywhere else in the world.

'Palestinians' are the masters of modern genocide. They are the masters of modern genocide propaganda. 

Nevertheless, no one in the West has a single problem with this behaviour. No one in the West cares. 

National leaders don't care. Humanitarians don't care. The EU doesn't care. The UN doesn't care. They're not concerned. 

An entire Arab Muslim community is being encouraged to commit genocide. No one cares?

Obama says he wants peace. But if he continues to accept this international silence, he isn't going to get peace. His willful anti-Israelism will lead to war.

The videos you've just seen prove that. With the language and behaviour you've seen here, war is inevitable--just as our Tanach predicts.

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