Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Israel and the Jihadi destruction of Europe

On Friday, November 13, 2015, Islamic Jihad came to France. The Islamic State (ISIS) attacked Paris, killing at least 129 people. It was a horrific assault against the West.

As a consequence, French President Francois Hollande decaled war against ISIS (Peter Henn, “Francois Hollande declares France is now at WAR with ISIS with second night of bombings”, Daily Express, November 17, 2015).  Hollande said, "France is at war. These attacks were war. It was an attack against our values, against our youth and our way of life” (ibid).

So how will France—and the rest of the EU—fight this war? It will fight very, very badly.

First, France will fight by bombing ISIS positions in Syria (ibid). That’s a problem. You see, ISIS is de-centralized (Sam Johnson, “Opaque structure adds to challenge of defeating Isis”,, August 24, 2014). It’s extremely questionable how bombing ISIS in Syria will combat ISIS in France. Chances are, it won’t.  

Second, France wants to join hands with Iran (Natasha Bertrand, “BREMMER: The Paris attacks put Russia and Iran ‘in a stronger position'”, Business Insider, November 17, 2015). Specifically, French President Hollande wants to form a coalition that includes Russia, the US and Iran (ibid). Hollande has already argued that, if the world wants to control Assad, it’s going to have to accept Iran as a regional powerbroker (ibid)—because Iran backs Assad (“Iran spending billions to back Assad”, Jerusalem Post, June 11, 2015). Without Iran, Assad can lose to ISIS.

Hollande believes that helping Iran save Assad in order to fight ISIS will bring peace with Islam. But  Iran is considered to be the world’s greatest sponsor of Islamic terror (Amy Zalman, “Iran and Terrorism - State Sponsored Terrorism in Iran” terrorism. about, no date). Senator Lindsey Graham of the US has said that Iran is far worse than ISIS (Corey Bennet, “Graham: Iranian regime worse than ISIS”, the hill, March 8, 2015). Iran has more money than ISIS. It’s a far greater threat than ISIS.

Why would the West want to fight ISIS by forming a working partnership with the world’s greatest Islamic terror regime? That would be like trying to eradicate heart disease by spreading cancer.

France is clueless. Unfortunately, it isn’t alone.

For example, Sweden and Spain have their own ideas about how to fight terror. What they’ve done tells you how completely clueless they are about Jihadi hatred for Western values, culture and society.

After the November 13th ISIS attack in France, Sweden’s Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom announced that she knew who was responsible for this attack. She also suggested how to stop Islamic terror (Nitsan Keidar, “Outrage after Swedish foreign minister links ISIS attack, Israel”, Arutz Sheva, November 16, 2015).

She blamed Israel for the attack. She suggested that if the world forced Israel to surrender to ‘Palestinian’ demands, Islamic terror would stop.

She ignored the fact that the ISIS attack had nothing to do with Israel. It was about what ISIS called the prostitution, vice and Christianity of the West (“Sweden: anti-Semitic libel? You decide”, tuviabrodieblog, November 16, 2015).

After Sweden, Spain stepped into the spotlight. Spain looked at the headlines about Islamic Jihad, did a brief calculation--and issued an arrest warrant.

Well, it wasn’t exactly Spain that issued the arrest warrant. It was a Spanish judge. We should note that distinction.

Was it coincidence that this particular arrest warrant was issued at this specific time? I don’t believe it was a coincidence. I think it was deliberate. I think it was done to ‘make a statement’—to show Muslims in Europe whose side Spain was on.

Whose name was on the arrest warrant? It wasn’t a Jihadist name. It wasn’t a French or Spanish name. it wasn’t even a Muslim name.

It was a Jewish name: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

There is something called, ‘universal jurisdiction’. It’s a legal term. It allows a national court to try cases of the gravest crimes against humanity [emphasis mine], even if these crimes are not committed in the territory where that court is located--and even if those gravest of crimes against humanity are committed by government leaders of other states (“universal jurisdiction”, Global Policy Forum, no date). The principle behind this concept is that “such crimes harm the international community or international order itself, which individual States may act to protect (“universal jurisdiction”, International Justice Resource Center, no date).

This Spanish judge, acting on behalf of Spain, wants to protect the international community. He wants to arrest Israel’s Prime Minister—along with several other current and former politicians and officials—for war crimes against humanity.

Will Islamic terror stay away from Spain because of this warrant? Well, what has arresting Benjamin Netanyahu got to do with Europe’s ‘prostitution, vice and Christianity’? Nothing.

In a world that needs protection from Islamic terror, this judge will bring that protection by criminalizing Jews who defend themselves against Islamic terror? 

Apparently, this is how Europe thinks: it sees it’s being overrun by Muslim migrants who leave human feces everywhere (“An Orgy of Garbage & Feces of Unparalleled Proportions is Left Behind by Migrants”, rightwing news, October 18, 2015); it sees it’s got thousands of unidentifiable Jihadists embedded with migrants who’ve already spread out across the  European landscape (“Obama’s Dead Wrong About the Paris Attacks”, counterjihadreport, November 14, 2015); it sees it’s lost control over its borders (Tom Batchelor, “We're doomed: EU chief fears union will COLLAPSE over migrant crisis”, Daily Express, September 24, 2015): therefore, it will act aggressively to protect itself.

It’ll bomb Syria. It’ll issue an arrest warrant for Israel’s Prime Minister.

It’ll create solutions that have nothing to do with the problem. It’ll create, in other words, a recipe for disaster.

If this is how Europe fights Islamic terror, it’s doomed. If you’re Jewish and live in Europe, make aliyah now. Come to Israel. You’ll be a lot safer. Israel knows how to fight these killers.

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