Monday, November 23, 2015

Kerry, peace and the 'Palestinian' Authority

US Secretary of State John Kerry landed in Israel yesterday, November 22, 2015. He plans to visit both Jerusalem and Ramallah. Supposedly, he comes to talk ‘peace’--or, lacking that, establishing 'calm'.

If Kerry wants ‘peace’ or calm, he might start first by taking a hard look at how the Palestinian Authority (PA) talks about Israel. Until he addresses how official PA media presents Israel and Jews, he’s not going to get any peace at all.

Here’s a look at PA media ‘news’ that concerns Israel. These headlines are recent. They come only from the time period, October 27-November 22, 2015. But they are completely consistent with the kind of news the PA regularly presents about Jews and Israel.

-November 18, 2015: (Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, “Fatah: All Israelis are Nazis; a Fatah official: There is no difference between Netanyahu and Hitler”, Palestinian Media Watch, November 18, 2015). Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah political party posted a cartoon on the internet as part of a commentary on Israeli politics and society. It depicts Israelis as Nazis, wearing Nazi uniforms wrapped in a belt that displays the iconic ‘Jewish Star’, the Star of David.

November 19, 2015: (Marcus, Zilberdik, “The PA's moral murder: Kill the [Jewish] parents, spare the children”, ibid). Between October 1, 2015-November 13, 2015, Arabs killed more than a dozen Jews. They killed Jewish parents in front of their young children. Both the PA and Hamas glorified these latter killings as examples of ‘moral conscience’ by the killers, saying, ‘ Palestinians’ “have again not killed children or women” (ibid). 

For example, on October 1, Arabs murdered Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin (HY"D) in their car. Their four children, aged 9, 7, 4, and 4 months, were also in the car. They saw their parents murdered. They were not physically injured.  Is this really an example of a ‘Palestinian’ moral conscience’?

If it is, then please explain this: on November 13, Arabs murdered Rabbi Yaacov Litman (HY"D)and his 18-year old son (HY"D) in front of Mrs Litman and the couple’s four other children. But, contrary to how the PA has presented the survival of Mrs Litman and the four children, they weren’t spared because the attackers exhibited ‘moral conscience’ (ibid). They, too, had all been shot by their attackers. They simply survived their wounds. Their husband/father and son/brother did not. They were as much ‘intended murder victims’ as those who were murdered.

 -November 20, 2015: “2-year-old sings: ‘Daddy, buy me a machine gun... I will defeat Israel’, says proud Fatah official”, (ibid). In the middle of this current wave of ‘Palestinian’ terror attacks against Israelis, Fatah official Tawfiq Tirawi expressed his satisfaction with his 2-year-old son on official PA TV. [Official PA TV, Oct. 27, 2015].

The source of this man’s fatherly pride was his 2-year old’s singing both about ‘a Martyr being escorted to his wedding’ (an Arab killed by Israelis goes to heaven and ‘weds’ virgins). The 2-year also sang a verse that goes, ‘Daddy, buy me a machine gun and a rifle, so that I will defeat Israel and the Zionists’.

Can your two-year old sing songs like that?

Fatah Central Committee member Tirawi explained that the messages of these songs - support for Martyrdom-death and the wish to kill ‘Zionists’ (a code word for, ‘Jews’)--express the ‘sense of [the ‘Palestinian’] belonging to the homeland’ (ibid). Here’s the 54-second video:

In case you didn't know, Jews in Israel also feel a sense of 'homeland'. But we Jews don't teach our children to kill Arabs (or to want to kill Arabs). We don't teach our children songs of killing--and then label their singing, 'an expression of their sense of homeland'. To us, that's sick. It's abuse.

-November 22, 2015: “Girl's hate speech on PA TV: Our enemy, Zion, is Satan with a tail” (ibid). Here, a young girl recited a poem on official PA TV that included the words ‘Our enemy, Zion, is Satan with a tail’. ‘Zion’ is the Jew. When she finished, the host of the PA TV children's program responded: ‘I really like this poem’.

What children’s programs do your children watch? What poems do they hear?

You should note that this poem came to air just two weeks after Abbas' advisor on Islam, Mahmoud Al-Habbash, preached in the Friday sermon that Israel is Satan's project, and that Jews represent evil (ibid).  

Nice people. How would you like to be forced to have these people as neighbours? That’s what the US wants Israel to do.

The full poem recited by the young girl describes what Arab children in the Palestinian Authority have been taught by Arab leaders, their teachers and their parents. It’s what Arab children are fed on a daily basis. It’s why 11-, 12-, 13- and 16-year olds are killed trying to murder Jews. They’ve been brainwashed.

These postings by Palestinian Media Watch reflect the PA’s public record over just the last month. They are viciously anti-Semitic. They do not prepare viewers for peace with Israel. Instead, they are part of a planned genocide, which seeks to incite violence against members of a group (Jews); incitement to genocide is a part of Genocide, as defined by the UN.

If John Kerry wants peace in this region between Arabs and Jews, he should address that genocide. He should know full well that, as others have said, ‘if Arabs put down their guns—and their hate—there’d be peace tomorrow. But if Israel put down its guns, there’d be no Israel tomorrow’.

If John Kerry doesn’t understand that, he’s either incompetent, an anti-Israel ‘Palestinian’ advocate or an anti-Semite—or some combination of all three.

If the PA wants to talk about peace, it must first give up genocide against Israel. Kerry should stay home until the PA takes that step.

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