Sunday, November 15, 2015

Children at a US college? Here's a pro-Israel survival tip

If you have college-age children or grandchildren in the US, you may already know about the anti-Semitism they must face. How can you help them?

Here's a brief video that might give them a chance to confront Jew-hate disguised as a pro-'Palestinian' protest.

This video was created in 2010. It records a 3-minute interaction between the pro-Israel David Horowitz and a Univ of California-San Diego (UCSD) student. The topic is Israel. In this video, he has finished his talk. He now opens the floor to questions.

A student asks a question.

This video may be more than five years old. But if you've been following the growth of Jew-hate on US campuses, what you'll see here is as real today as it was in 2010. The only potential difference is, the student in this 2010 video is probably more civil than what you'd see today.

The speaker, David Horowitz, clearly knows who and what he's dealing with when he speaks about Israel on US campuses. Take a look. It's 3:28 long.  

Perhaps your college loved one can profit from his approach:

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