Friday, March 24, 2017

Today's Friday cartoon

This week saw another attack of Israel at the UN. Last week, it was the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UNESCWA) publishing a Report that labeled Israel as an Apartheid State. Within hours, the UN forced the Commission to remove the Report from its website, effectively cancelling the Report.

This week, Israel took another hit from the UN, this time from the UN's Human Rights Council (UNHRC). At this week's scheduled meeting, the UNHRC has 41 resolutions to discuss. Of these 41, 12 deal with human rights in individual countries (Tovah Lazaroff, "UNHRC debates boycotting Israeli settlements", jerusalempost, March 20,2017). 

Eight countries will be criticized at this meeting--Israel, plus 7 others: Syria, Iran, Libya, Sri Lanka, North Korea, Myanmar and South Sudan. Each of the 7 just listed has one resolution against it. In all probability, each will be criticized--once. 

Israel is the target of five resolutions. It is therefore scheduled to be criticized five times--more than any other country. No one will be criticized more than once--except Israel which, we infer, must therefore be a five times worse human rights violator than the other 7. 

Today's cartoon refers to the ESCWA Report noted above. It highlights UN hypocrisy. It  notes that the ESCWA committee's 18 Apartheid-run Arab-Muslim nations have decided (by an 18-0 vote) that Israel is Apartheid.

The cartoon may need an explanation. Take a look at it. Then. I'll offer my explanation:

from: arutzsheva, by d'rooj

In this cartoon, you see on the left perimeter the ESCWA name. That identifies the ESCWA as the topic of the cartoon.

In the middle of the cartoon, you have a face on a globe. You also have some blue which, I would say, represents the geography of the Muslim world. It's extensive. 

In that blue area you see a sign: No Jews allowed.

In the  middle of it all, you see a second sign sticking, I would guess, into the map where Israel sits. That sign accuses Israel--which allows Arabs to live freely--of being the Apartheid regime in their midst.

Of course, I do recognize that if a cartoon has to be explained, it might not be such a good cartoon. But I think this one, flaws and all, still tells a story: those who commit an evil blame Jews of being that evil.

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