Sunday, March 12, 2017

Purim pictures: then and now

Note: I've had a problem trying to upload my picture from an iphone. Thanks to reader rw, I think I've found a solution.

Purim is a time to have fun. It's a time for costumes and good humor. 

Today is Purim day, 2017. It's the perfect day to show you what I look like--and what I looked like some 45 years ago:

Someone in my family (who will remain nameless) found a picture of me from app 45 years ago--full hair, mustache, checkered shirt, tie, large glasses, corduroy pants. That family member decided to choose a Purim costume--me.

So here I am today during a sandstorm. The me on the left is me 45 years ago. The me on the right is me today.

I'm like everyone else 45 years apart. My hair color isn't the same. My facial hair isn't the same. I'm heavier. My shoe preferences have changed (well, okay. I never wore pink, flowered shoes).  

Still, 45 years is long time to give nature a chance to change you. Pretty scary, eh?

Happy Purim!!!!