Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Should Zionists pay attention to Pat Condell?

Pat Condell is a political commentator. He uses youtube to present his ideas. That means he speaks through videos instead of pen-and-paper.

He's sharp-tongued. He's opinionated. He offends people.

If you lean Left politically, you'll probably call him a racist. If you lean Right politically, you might say he hits the proverbial nail squarely on the head.

In the video below, he speaks of migrants who've  been flocking to Europe from mostly-Muslim countries. His focus below is what he calls the 'criminal element' among them

He has a strong opinion about this 'criminal element'. Take a look at the video. It's long for a Condell video. But it's worth your time. It's title is, "A word to the Criminal Migrant". It was first posted November 23, 2016. But it's appearing again (March 13, 2017) on the website, frontpagemag. Perhaps it's appearing again now because it has a new insight to offer. 

This video is an opinion piece. It is, shall we say, extremely 'plain-spoken'. After the video, I'll have a question for you about how Condell's words might also apply to Israel--but not in a way you'd expect: 

In this video, Condell talks about immigrants who are young, single, military-age men who enter Europe illegally--and then behave illegally. But did you notice how he also describes the behavior of 'progressive' European politicians/officials?  

It's those 'progressive' European politicians/officials I'm interested in. I see a similarity between the European officials Condell describes  and 'progressive' officials in Israel. 

That observation leads to the question I want to ask you: should  Zionists use Condell's vocabulary to describe Israel's own 'progressive' officials?   

It's a good question. Look at how Condell's vocabulary could be used to described Israel's progressive officials:

-Some Israeli officials are no better than their European counterparts. They are decadently 'progressive'. They treat so-called 'Palestinian' land claims as equal to--or better than--Jewish Biblical statements. They do this even though some of these 'Palestinian nationalists' (as they call them) are so barbaric and murderous they don't deserve to share the same planet with the rest of us, let alone be treated as equal to us;

-Progressive Israeli officials act as if they feel ashamed that Israel's Jewish way of life is superior to that of the 'Palestinians' way of life. They seem to believe that Israel must be taken down a peg or two for the sake of 'equality';

-These Israeli progressives, like their European counterparts, love the term, 'human rights'. They work to make sure that, when Jew-haters attack Jews in Israel, 'human rights' should be their get-out-of-jail-free card;

-When murderous 'Palestinians' come into Israel to murder Jews, Jewish 'progressives' try their best to make these attack the victim's fault;

-When a murderous car-ramming attack occurs, Israeli progressives too often call those car attacks 'auto accidents'. Apparently, these 'progressives' prefer that Israelis don't learn the true, murderous nature of these attacks; 

-These Israeli officials are genuinely 'progressive'. For you and me, that means they're not on our side. They're on the side of those who want to kill us; 

-Because of these 'progressives', the enemies of Israel who call for genocide against us can't lose. If Jews in Israel ever have the gall to protest against the murder of Jews, Israel's 'progressives' and their friends--who are terrified someone might call them 'racist'-- have no problem calling the protesting Jews 'racist'; 

-For 'democracy' and 'equality', Israeli progressives are far more likely to crack down on Jews who defend Israel than 'Palestinians' who attack Israel.

-Jew-hating 'Palestinians' have made themselves unwelcome in Israel. But 'progressive' Israeli officials have those haters covered. These Jews go out of their way to open more doors for them, not fewer--because 'equality' demands it.

Condell suggests progressive officials in Europe aren't helping to make Europe great. Instead, they're helping to destroy Western civilization in Europe. 

Are Israeli 'progressives' behaving in a similar manner (towards Israel's Jewishness)? Perhaps. Should Condell's language be limited to Europe.  Perhaps not.

Perhaps Jews who say they're Zionists should change how they think about Zionism. Perhaps they should be less tolerant of other people's hate, less apologetic about Israel, less fearful about being Jews in a non-Jewish world. Perhaps they should begin to think more like Pat Condell and less like Haaretz and Times of Israel. 

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