Monday, July 4, 2016

You won't believe who's flocking to Israel

Israel isn't just an aliyah destination. it's a tourist destination. It's a business travel destination.

These days, some 3 million individuals come to Israel each year. They come to see the land. They come for an 'Israel experience'. They come to see this special place with their own eyes. They come for all kinds of business reasons.

While in Israel, these travelers seem always to say the same thing: time passes with too much speed.

When they return home, they mostly remember the speed of the experience. They flew in. They rested. They ate. They marveled at what they saw. They they flew off again.

Did time really go by that quickly?

Actually, a lot more than 3 million fly to Israel. Many more come. They come in groups. They come in such numbers, you're tempted to say, they flock here.

But of course, that's not true, right?

Judge for yourself. Take a look at this video. It's long--more than 27 minutes. But you don't have to watch it all. Just the first 1:33 minutes will tell you all you need to know about those who come to Israel as the world's greatest frequent flyers.

You won't believe who's been flocking to Israel:

This video is from the photographer, Eli Abdu. It was uploaded to youtube in 2014.  

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