Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Who should you support, BDS or Israel

Today, I present to you an unpaid political announcement. This announcement comes from political satirist, Pat Condell who, by the way, is not Jewish.

You may not like what he says. Many don't.

But he live in a free country. He's got the right to say it. 

If you've seen this particular video, that's okay. It's worth watching again. It was first published in June, 2014.

The video is from youtube. It's titled, 'Why I support Israel'. 

Perhaps Condell is correct. The peoples of the world seem to have Jew-hate built into their DNA. They just can't seem to stop persecuting Jews. 

Israel is surrounded by millions who want to see every Jew in Israel dead. BDS is part of that death-wish. 

When it comes to Israel, you have a choice: support the continued existence of Israel--or support the call for another Holocaust.

BDS wants that Holocaust. What do you want? 

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