Sunday, October 11, 2015

This is the face of Jew-hate the West supports

Arabs are not the only ones who marinate in vicious Jew-hate. Much of the Western Press is guilty of the same hate. Take a headline from England’s The Independent: “Israeli security forces kill boy, 16”. It leads into a simple, clear story that portrays that teenage boy as victim. It’s an anti-Israel story that only obliquely references some connection to stabbings in Jerusalem (William A. Jacobson, “Israeli security forces kill boy, 16″. Legal Insurrection, October 10, 2015).

Israeli security forces killed that 16 year-old because he was stabbing elderly Jews. He was no ‘innocent’ victim of ‘Israeli brutality’. He was shot while in the act of attempting to kill Jews.

Here are the pictures that that anti-Israel story wouldn’t show you:

I understand that Israeli security forces shot and killed this wannabee killer minutes after these pictures were taken.

Take a good look at this ‘boy’. Look at his face.

It’s the face of Jew-hate. 

This boy tries to kill because he’s inundated with cartoon like this:

These cartoons tell a simple story: killing Jews is like playing music. Notice the Jewish star on the hat worn in the upper-left picture. That ugly representation is the essence of Jew-hate.

The Palestinian Authority floods Arab youth with such images. These images are more ubiquitous than advertisements for candy.

Arab youth eat up this hate. They act on what they see. They pick up a knife. They use it to kill.

Then, Western headlines blare, ‘Israelis kill 16 year old boy’.

Well now, take another look at these pictures. They tell you the truth.

The ‘Palestinian Cause’: it’s where hate, religion and pure evil come together. It’s what the West supports, encourages and protects.

Where do you think that’s going to lead?

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