Thursday, October 29, 2015

The 'Palestinain Cause', savagery and why Israel stands alone

If there’s any good news coming out of Israel these days, it’s this: the current ‘knife’ and ‘car’ intifadas we’re living with every day now reveal that the so-called ‘Palestinian Cause’ is a fraud.

The ‘Palestinian Cause’ says it’s about freedom, self-determination’, justice and statehood. But none of the terrorists killed trying to kill Jews during this wave of terror has expressed any interest whatsoever in these concepts. What they have talked about in Facebook posts leading up to their attacks is exactly what Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership has been talking about in PA media: killing Jews in order to ‘defend’ Al Aqsa Mosque; or, even worse, killing Jews for allah or in the name of allah.

Here’s a sample of what Arab youth read every week:

-“Fatah’s official social media promotes and glorifies Martyrdom and murder”, Palestinian Media Watch [pmw], October 19, 2015). This story isn’t about some noble fight for ‘Palestinian’ freedom. It’s about glorifying the murder of Jews.

-“Fatah official, on Facebook, calls for intifada and for Fatah youth members to make themselves into Martyrs”, from pmw, October 5, 2015.This story is not about justice. It’s about calling for youth to get themselves killed for allah. It’s about telling Arab youth to volunteer to become a human sacrifice for Islam.   

-“Hamas celebrates Jerusalem bus terror attack that killed 2 with reenactment video”, from pmw, October 14. 2015. This story isn‘t about self-determination. It’s about a disgusting re-enactment of a murder--for Arab entertainment.

-“Blood worship? Palestinians wait to ‘inhale the scent of the Martyr's blood’: Dead terrorist's blood is pure”, from pmw, October 20, 2015. This story isn’t about statehood.  It’s about ‘Palestinians’ who have "insisted on inhaling the scent of the Martyr's [dead terrorist’s] blood”. That’s not noble. It’s sick.

-“Palestine: President Mahmoud Abbas lies and claims Israel ‘executed’ 13-yr old knife attacker”, The Muslim issue, October 16, 2015. This story isn’t about Israel’s brutality and oppression. It’s another lie from the lie-factory called the ‘Palestinian Cause’.

-“Social Media As A Platform For Palestinian Incitement – Part II: Video Tutorials, Tips For Achieving More 'Effective' [knife] Attacks”, memri, October 14, 2015. This story isn’t about ‘living side-by-side with Jews in peace and security’. It’s about killing Jews. It’s about how to kill Jews.

-“Watch: Knife In Hand, Gaza Imam Calls on Muslims to Stab Jews”, Arutz Sheva, October 11, 2015. This story isn’t about seeking peace. It’s about religious incitement to murder Jews.

-“’Poison The Knife Before You Stab’ – Islam’s Goal Of Jew-Annihilation Undeniable Except To The Willfully Blind”, work949.wordpress, October 18, 2015. This story isn’t about turning to god to help bring peace. It’s a religious leader’s barbaric call to terrorists to put poison on their knives before they go out to stab Jews.

-“Hamas Cleric Vows: We Won't Leave [in a new ‘Palestine’] a Single Jew, Dead or Alive”, Arutz Sheva, October 21, 2015. This story isn’t about preparing for a prosperous new ‘state’. It’s about setting the stage for genocide.

How many nations have condemned Hamas, Abbas and his Fatah for such murderous incitement and genocidal speeches? How many Member States of the United Nations have stood up to condemn the Palestinian Authority for glorifying the killing of Jews? Almost no one.

How many nations have demanded that the United Nations Security Council condemn Hamas, Abbas and his Fatah? Almost no one.

When the nations of the world hear that Jews are being murdered, they say next to nothing. When the nations see how Abbas and his officials incite and celebrate murder, they say nothing. When Hamas promises genocide against Jews, they say nothing.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for the nations to condemn such horrific official ‘Palestinian’ declarations and actions (“Netanyahu Demands Global Condemnation of Palestinian Incitement”, Arutz Sheva, October 21, 2015). He hears only a stone-cold silence.

There is only one conclusion one can draw from that silence: the nations of the world either support or condone the killing of Jews. These nations—Members of the United Nations--are no different than the nations of 1941: they have next to nothing to say about the killing of Jews.

This is why Israel stands alone. It’s the only nation that speaks out against lies, murder and a blood-lust so intense that ‘Palestinians’ can’t wait to sniff the supposedly pleasant aroma of a dead terrorist’s blood (“Damascus Gate cries ‘blood for the Martyrs’, Palestinians wait to inhale the scent of terrorist-Martyr's pure blood", Palestinian Media Watch, October 15, 2015).

Apparently, Israel is the only nation that understands how utterly savage that is. Israel is the only nation willing to fight  that savagery.

That’s why it stands alone.

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