Friday, October 30, 2015

'Palestinians' use Nazi images to express themselves

'Palestinians' like Nazi imagery.  They can't stop referring to it.

For example, to demonize Israel, Officials of the Palestinian Authority (PA) compare Israelis to 'Nazis' ("PA official: Netanyahu implements Nazi strategy to blame PA for stagnation in negotiations", Jerusalem Post, June 11, 2015). 

PA officials see Israel as Nazi from the inside-out. For example, the official PA newspaper, Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida, has reported that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a racist (Tova Dvorin, "Palestinian Authority Claims Netanyahu has 'Nazi Genes'", Arutz Sheva, January 28, 2014). Their 'proof'?  It is possible, the newspaper said, "that Netanyahu has preserved [racism] and acquired it genetically from the days of the Nazis and the Aryan race" (ibid).

That's their proof.

The PA sees no difference between Israel and Nazi-ruled Germany (Khalid Amayreh, "Israel and Nazi Germany, Tweedldee and Tweedldum", intifada, July 30, 2009).

The PA calls Israel the 'Nazi state' ("Palestinian Authority Slanders Israel as Nazi State, PMW Reveals", UnitedwithIsrael, August 18, 2014).

The PA creates a new vocabulary for Israel. It wants you to believe that Israelis--not just Israel--are Nazi. They've created the word,  'Zionazi' for that purpose ("Zio-Nazis run wild in Occupied Palestine [Israel]", presstv, July 8, 2014). 

On October 30, 2015, we were reminded that the PA doesn't just use Nazi ideas or words; the PA does better than that: it uses actual 1930's Nazi pictures, taken from Nazi anti-Jew propaganda. The PA does that to demonize and dehumanize Jews. They do that because they adopt Nazi Jew-hate as their own.
Apparently, the PA has discovered that no one does Jew-hate better than the Nazis. Why should the PA try to 're-invent the wheel'?

Here's a post from Palestinian Media Watch, which monitors PA media.

You can judge for yourself who is the Nazi, who the victim:

                                  Fatah posts Nazi children's book cover:
                                    Don't trust a fox or a Jew

Today, on its official Facebook page, Abbas' Fatah movement posted the cover of an Anti-Semitic children's book from Germany from 1936.
Posted text: "The cover of one of the children's books in Germany in 1936 whose title is:
'Trust no fox on his green meadow, and trust no Jew on his oath'
[Official Facebook page of the Fatah movement, Oct. 29, 2015]

Nazis in the 1930s used this type of ugly caricature to  prepare Germany for the coming Holocaust. Doing horrible things to millions of Jews could offend a lot of people. But if those people were properly 'prepared', future anti-Jew actions by the German government might be accepted. The Nazi propaganda goal was to make the Jews a reviled and hated group. They used media to do that. Since the early-mid 1930's, the Nazi propaganda machine worked to demonize and dehumanize the Jews. 

For ideological reasons, Nazi Germany started a war that saw the death of tens of millions of people. Because of that trauma, Nazism, including Nazi vocabulary, propaganda and imagery are considered by the civilized world to be extremely dangerous and particularly offensive. 

The 'Palestinians', however, don't agree. They see nothing wrong with Nazi propaganda. They use Nazi vocabulary, ideas, propaganda and imagery to do exactly what the original Nazis did in Germany: demonize and dehumanize Jews. We all know how that turned out.

The 'Palestinian Cause' uses horrid Jew-hate propaganda because it has the same goals as the original Nazi regime: to exterminate Jews.

Why do supposedly civilized people support that? Perhaps they're not as civilized as they believe they are.

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