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Why Hitler failed, why ‘Palestinianism’ will fail

Hitler and the 'Palestinian Cause' have more in common than you think. They don't just share Jew-hate. They share the same war-process.
The Palestinian Cause (‘Palestinianism’) will never create a viable state. It will fail. It will fail for the same reason Adolf Hitler lost World War Two.

At least one historian has argued that Adolf Hitler lost his war because he consistently chose ideology over military strategy (Andrew Roberts, lecture at the USC Army War College, “Why Hitler Lost the War: German Strategic Mistakes in WWII”, published June 29, 2012, youtube). Whenever the best interests of the Nazi Party differed from the best interests of the Wehrmacht, Hitler always chose the interests of the Nazi Party (ibid).

Adolf Hitler didn’t fight World War Two by focussing on strategy. He fought the war through the lens of his Nazi ideology (ibid).

For example, Nazi Germany had 43 operational U-boats when it began its attack against Britain in 1940. By May, 1945, Germany had 463 U-boats. Had Hitler prepared to fight Britain by starting a more aggressive U-boat building campaign in, say, 1933, he might have attacked Britain in 1940 with 460 U-boats instead of those 43. With so many U-boats, he might have successfully strangled Britain into submission (ibid).

But his Nazi ideology didn’t allow him to do that. His Nazi theory of race made him believe that one Anglo-Saxon nation would not have to fight another Anglo-Saxon nation—even though he had himself fought against Britain in the trenches of WW1 (ibid).

His Nazi race theories overcame his own army experience. His ideology guided him. That ideology proved more convincing than his own personal experience.  

During the Battle of Britain in the summer of 1940, the Royal Air Corps reached a point when it was close to collapse. But at exactly that moment, a German bomber got lost over England and dropped its bombs on London, not air fields. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill used that bombing as an excuse for an all-out raid on Berlin, which he unleashed the very next night (ibid).

After Berlin was attacked, Hitler stopped attacking England according to his Luftwaffe battle-plan to bomb only air fields. Hitler changed plans. He demanded that London be bombed.

He made this decision for ideological reasons (ibid). You see, he had earlier made a Nazi promise to Germans: no enemy bombers would ever reach Berlin. The British attack on Berlin was totally against the Nazi ‘Fuhrer Principle’, which held that the Fuhrer was infallible (ibid).

This ideologically-based change in targeting meant that British air fields were no longer bombed. That relief from attack gave the Royal Air Force time to repair, refurbish and rebuild—free from marauding German bombers. Soon, Britain’s Air Corp was hitting the German Luftwaffe harder than ever.

Hitler’s decision to forego airfield attacks turned the tide for Britain (ibid). Within ten days, RAF attacks against Nazi bombers became so intense Hitler ended his attacks (ibid).

In Hitler’s invasion of Russia in 1941, ideology again trumped strategy. For example, one reason Hitler invaded Russia—a Nazi ally at the time—was for the purpose of creating ‘living space’ for the Nazi ‘super man’ (ibid). The goal was to grab thousands of square miles from Russia, and to use the ‘under man’—the supposedly sub-human slavs—to rebuild the land for Nazi use. Here, racial ideology was a prime motivator for the attack (ibid).

Ideology played a key role in other battles. Every time, Nazi ideology trumped strategy (ibid).

 If Nazi ideology dominated Hitler’s decision-making in World War Two, Islamic ideology dominates Palestinian Authority (PA)-Hamas decision-making in its war against Israel. Time and again, it is the ideological drive to destroy Israel that motivates PA-Hamas decisions, not a strategy to create a viable state that would live in peace beside Israel.

 We saw this at work during the 50-day war between Israel-Hamas in 2014. Hamas didn’t care if it had no competent means to fight Israel. It didn’t care if Israel pounded Gaza into the Stone Age. It cared only about its ideological commitment to war against the ‘Zionist’ (“Battered Hamas more determined than ever to kill Israelis”, Times of Israel, August 24 ,2014).

Hamas and Fatah are founded on the premise that Israel must be destroyed (see the Hamas and PLO Charters). Hamas-Fatah goals don’t focus on statehood. They focus on destroying the Jewish state.

As with Hitler, Hamas-Fatah decision-making isn’t driven by strategy. Hitler attacked Russia to destroy ‘the Bolsheviks’. Hamas-Fatah attacks Israel to destroy ‘the Jews’. In Russia, Hitler aimed for a ‘final reckoning’ against the ‘Bolsheviks’. In Israel, PA-Hamas seeks a final ‘justice’ against the Jews. Hitler believed that when he had ‘kicked in the door’ of the Bolsehviks, ‘the whole rotten ediface’ would collapse (ibid). PA-Hamas believes the same thing about Israel.

According to historian Andrew Roberts, Hitler was driven by a political loathing of Russia. We might say that PA-Hamas is driven by a religious loathing of Jews.

Visit the website, Palestinian Media Watch. You’ll see how PA-Hamas media is saturated with such loathing.

This loathing of Jews may explain why dehumanization of Jews in Hamas and Fatah media is so often tied to religion ("Our war with the descendants of the apes and pigs [i.e., Jews] is a war of religion and faith. Long Live Fatah!”…Official PA TV, Jan. 9, 2012; from

Hitler destroyed Germany because of his commitment to an aggressive, supremacist ideology. PA-Hamas will destroy the Palestinian Authority for the same reason.

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