Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Nakba Demand: turn Israel into ‘Palestine’ now!

Arabs who call themselves ‘Palestinians’ want their own state. The state they want has a name. It’s called Israel.

That state doesn’t belong to Arabs. It belongs to the Jews.

Arabs don’t care. They want it. They want Israel to be wiped off the map—literally. They want to conquer Israel and rename it, ‘Palestine’.

In 1947, the United Nations declared a two-state solution for Arabs and Jews. The UN created this solution in 1947 so Arab and Jew could live side-by-side in peace.

To create this peace, the UN passed UN Resolution 181. That resolution established two states. One state was for the Arabs. One state was for the Jews.

The Arab state became modern Jordan. The Jewish State became Israel.

The Jews accepted the plan. The Arabs rejected it. They went to war to establish a one-state solution. It would be an all-Arab state. The Jews would be kicked out.

The Arabs lost that war. They have lost every war since.

The original two states still exist. Israel still exists.

The Arabs who call themselves ‘Palestinians’ hate the fact that
Israel still exists. Therefore, on May 15th each year, they celebrate that hate. They have created a holiday for that hate. They call that holiday, Nakba Day.

Nakba means, ‘disaster’, or, ‘catastrophe’.  The ‘catastrophe’ was, they lost their original war against Israel. They failed to push the Jews into the sea.

On Nakba Day, these Arabs give speeches. They march. They have parades. They rededicate themselves—not to peace with Israel, but to achieving their original goal of destroying Israel.

They don’t want peace. They want Israel.

Many people claim the only thing the ‘Palestinians’ want is their own state so they can live side-by-side with Israel in peace. But if that’s true, why didn’t they accept the original 1947 two-state solution?

Yes, Arabs say they want their own state. But if that’s all they want, why do they always show a map of Israel and call that map ‘Palestine’? That’s not wanting your own state; that’s taking someone else’s state away.

Below is a picture. It comes from a story about this year’s Nakba day (Elon Gilad, “What is Nakba Day? A brief history”, Haaretz, May 14, 2015). The picture comes from the AFP news agency:!/image/425993671.jpg

A musician from a marching band looks on as Palestinians participate in a march to commemorate the 'Nakba Day' in the West Bank city of Ramallah, May 13, 2015. Photo by AFP

That board outline being carried in this picture is the outline of Israel. That’s what Israel looks like on every map you’ll see.

The blue color near the top right is Lake Kinneret. The blue color at the right-middle is the Dead Sea.

In this picture, Arabs aren’t carrying a map of Israel. They’re carrying a map of ‘Palestine’.

You see, these Arabs aren’t interested in a cooperative peace with Israel. They want to eliminate Israel altogether.

That’s why Israel hasn’t signed on to the peace plans the US, EU and UN have been pushing. These plans don’t confront the Arab goal of replacing Israel on the world map.

Israel understands what these Arabs want. The UN, EU and US either don’t understand what the Arabs want—or they don’t care what the Arabs want.

The question is, what are the UN, EU and US actually doing when they pressure and threaten Israel because Israel won’t agree to its own demise?  Why do the UN, EU and US become so angry when Israel stands by such a refusal?

These are good questions. The UN, EU and US don’t answer them.

In fact, their refusal to confront the ‘Palestinian’ demand to wipe Israel off the map makes one wonder. Perhaps the UN, EU and US support the Arab plan to destroy Israel.


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