Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Why Arabs will never make peace with the Jews

If you ask peace advocates, leftists, the Obama Administration, the EU and the UN why there’s no Arab-Israel peace, you’ll probably get an earful. Israeli extremism, Israeli refusal to negotiate and Israeli ‘settlements’ will vie for ‘most probable answer’.

Unfortunately, all of the above would be wrong. The root cause for ‘no peace’ isn’t Israel. It’s Arab leadership—and what they’ve done to their Arab populations.

Arab leaders have spent decades selling their followers a vicious anti-Israel and anti-Semitic narrative that seems to have no limits: Jews are apes, Jews are pigs, Jews are Nazis, Jews are killers.

To give you a sense of how such a diet of Jew-hate affects the ‘Arab in the street’, Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn have written an essay for The Algemeiner (““Why Do Palestinians Believe Crazy Things?”, February 4, 2015). The essay reveals what Arabs typically believe about Israel, Jews--and Arabs.

These two essayists didn’t have to work very hard here. They didn’t have to dig through hidden, arcane publications. They didn’t have to interview people you’ve never heard of. They found everything they needed in the public domain.  

They took the easy route. They simply collected published results of Arab polls.

Here’s what they found:

In one poll, conducted by the Palestinian news agency Ma’an, some 84% of Palestinians believed the Paris attacks in January 2015 against the magazine Charlie Hebdo were “suspicious, and that Israel may be behind it” (ibid). Just 9% of Palestinians acknowledged that the Paris massacres were the work of Islamist terrorists.

Last year, 2014, PA news stirred a frenzy – and inspired waves of Palestinian violence – by repeatedly claiming (falsely) that “the Jews” were conspiring to harm or destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque. Indeed, Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas himself claimed that Jews were “contaminating” the mosque (ibid).

No less an authority than the Palestinian Authority (PA) Director of Consumer Protection made the public announcement that Israel distributes chocolates laced with mad cow disease in Palestinian areas (no such thing ever happened). The PA representative to the UN in Geneva has said that Israel infects Palestinian children with AIDS (untrue).  PA radio has declared that Israel carried out the 9/11 attacks (untrue).

The PA official newspaper, Al-Hayat al-Jadida , has published the anti-Semitic lie that Israel murders Palestinian children in order to harvest their organs (ibid). It has also published the accusation that Israel uses naked women to lure “intifada youth” into police ambushes (ibid).

Now, a British news anchor says, it’s okay to be anti-Semitic if you’re Palestinian (“British News Anchor: Anti-Semitism OK 'If You're Palestinian", Arutz Sheva, February 5, 2015).

You can be sure that if any Israeli said something anti-Muslim, he wouldn’t be excused. He wouldn’t get a free pass. He’d be called ‘racist’.

But Arabs are different. They got a free pass in 2009 when a University of Haifa poll showed that 40 per cent Arabs living in Israel believe the Holocaust was hoax (The Algemeiner, ibid). Arabs got a free pass in 2003 when a Public Opinion Research Poll of Israel showed that 26 per cent of ‘Palestinians’ believed it was Israel which committed the 9/11 attacks in America (ibid).

Arabs got another free pass in 2011 when the Pew Research Center came back to the question of the 9/11 attacks. The Pew poll showed that 68 per cent of Arabs believed Arabs had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. Only 22 per cent believed that Arabs did it (ibid).

If you’re puzzled as to what all this means, here’s a quiz: what kind of family relations are you going to have with your in-laws if you keep going on TV and radio to declare that your mother-in-law is an ape and your father-in-law is a pig?

What do ‘apes and pigs’ have to do with Arab-Israel peace? You’ll find out by looking at Palestinian Media Watch (see “Case Study: Portraying Jews as ‘Apes and Pigs’”, Demonization of Jews/Israel, no date). Over the years, Palestinian Authority media has repeatedly called Jews apes and pigs (ibid). Those Jewish apes and pigs are also portrayed for Arab audiences as the enemies of Islam (ibid).

Sane people know Arabs will never make peace with Jews when Arabs keep demonizing and dehumanizing Jews.  Sane people know Arabs will never have peace with Jews when Arabs believe Jews are responsible for Islamic terror. Sane people know Arabs will never give up terror when so many of them believe Arabs are never responsible for acts of terror. Sane people also know that Arabs will never accept Jews when Arabs keep putting songs on their radio glorifying the killing of Jews (“Glorifying terrorists and terror”, Violence and Terror, pmw .org, no date).

So why do so many around the world blame Israel for ‘no-peace’? You tell me.

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