Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Jewish Cause versus the ‘Zionist Camp’

Zionists are Jews who defend Israel. They believe that Israel should be Jewish. They won’t put the ‘Palestinian Cause’ above the ‘Jewish Cause’.

The reason for this is simple: the goal of the Jewish Cause—Zionism--is to create, maintain and grow a Jewish state. The goal of the ‘Palestinian Cause’ is to destroy the Jewish state.

Zionists do not support self-destruction.

The ‘Palestinian Cause’ is founded on an anti-Jewish ideology. Read the Hamas Charter. Read the PLO Charter. Go online to Palestine Media Watch and MEMRI. Watch how Fatah and Hamas officials speak in Arabic about Israel—and Jews.

Those who support the Jewish Cause have a problem. Anti-Zionists—including the Leftist Labor-Hatnua unity Party--now call themselves, ‘The Zionist Camp’.  

These anti-Israel Leftists aren’t Zionists. They don’t support the Jewish state. They don’t choose the ‘Jewish Cause’.

If those in Israel who support the Jewish Cause do not set the terms of the March 2015 election debate, then anti-Zionists who call themselves Zionists will set those terms. They will call their anti-Jewish message, ‘Zionism’. They already do.

Their message is simple: a Jewish Israel can’t survive. It can only survive with ‘democracy’.

Choose ‘democracy’, they say. The Jewish Cause is dead (“Zionism is so last century”, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, January 31, 2015).

Israel is the world’s only Jewish state. We didn’t come to Israel because Israel was the best spot in the world to establish a democracy. We came here because Jews have been dreaming for 2,000 years about returning to G-d’s Zion.

We come to Israel because of G-d and ‘being Jewish’. We don’t come here because of ‘equal rights’.

Wherever supporters of the Jewish Cause travel during this election season, they should demand that the terms of this campaign focus on Israel’s survival as a Jewish state. They should ask voters to make a choice: vote for a large Zionist Party –Likud or Jewish Home--if you want a Jewish state; vote Labor-Hatnua if you want to destroy the Jewish state.

The anti-Zionist Labor-Hatnua may call itself ‘Zionist’. But it isn’t. It won’t support the Jewish Cause. It rejects the Jewish Cause.

It doesn’t even care for Jews. For example, there are perhaps 600,000 Jews (or more, depending on whose numbers you use) who live in Judea-Samaria and East Jerusalem. Leftist Labor-Hatnua wants Judea-Samaria and East Jerusalem to be set aside for the Arabs’ new ‘Palestine’.

What will happen to these 600,000 Jews when Israel tells them they will now be governed by Muslims?  The Left doesn’t say.

Who will protect these 600,000+ Jews live once they become part of a Muslim ‘Palestine’?  The Left doesn’t know.

What plan does the Left have for these 600,000 Jews if Abbas tells them he doesn’t want them in his ‘Palestine’?

It has no plan.

What will happen to all the mortgages these 600,000 Jews hold on property if—like Christians in Hevron—they are forced to flee their homes? The Left doesn’t know.

All the Left knows is, it wants to un-Jewish Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem in the name of ‘democracy’. But it’s told us nothing about the economic, social and national financial consequences of such a move.

Those who support the Jewish Cause have to tell Israel’s voters that the Left’s plan for Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem is so bankrupt it will bankrupt Israel. They have to detail the trauma the Left will cause when it chooses the ‘Palestinian Cause’ over the ‘Jewish Cause’.

To quote a Michael Walsh essay (on another topic), those who support the Jewish Cause shouldn’t go into this debate on the Left’s terms. Instead, they should “set your own damn terms and force them [the Left] to their knees” (“Scott Walker to the Left: Take Your Premise and Shove It”, PJ Media, February 2, 2015).

Israel’s Left isn’t prepared to discuss the day after a ‘two-state solution’ is implemented. Supporters of the Jewish Cause should force the Left to discuss that topic.

Labor-Hatnua has an anti-Jewish Marxist-fuelled ideology. It’s being helped by wealthy anti-Israel enemies who come from the Obama election campaign to unseat Netanyahu with a message of ‘hope and change’ (“VIDEO: Obama Exports ‘Hope & Change’ Loop to Israel via V15”, PJ Media, February 5, 2015). They come with an anti-Jewish message: democracy over the Jewish Cause.

Those who support the Jewish Cause should force fake ‘Zionists’ to tell us exactly how they plan to implement their ‘democracy’--and what will happen to 600,000+ Jews when they do it.

If those who support the Jewish Cause want to win this upcoming election, they’re going to have to attack. They would be wise to hoist the Left on its own petard (the ‘Palestinian Cause’ is better than the ‘Jewish Cause’). They’re going to have to tell the truth: Jews prefer a Jewish Cause.

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