Monday, August 4, 2014

War, Israel, robbery—and emanations

Living with war focuses your attention. Living with the knowledge that someone you know could be killed in combat reminds you that survival is not a guarantee.

Israel is a Holy gift G-d gave to His Chosen. Living with war in this Holy Land teaches you that this unique Jewish place has not been free of cost. It has been acquired through the blood of His Chosen.

We are at war. This war will determine whose god will rule on this Land—the god of Islam or the G-d of Israel. If you doubt that, then you haven’t read the Hamas Charter.

The war with Hamas is only part of the war we fight. Hamas aims to exterminate us (“Hamas Spells it Out: Our Aim is the Extermination of the Jews”, Arutz Sheva, July 29, 2014). Fatah has the same goal.

If you doubt that, take a look at the logo Fatah uses: it does not show its new ‘Palestine’ sitting side-by-side with Israel. It shows ‘Palestine’ replacing Israel.

What does that tell you?

Living with this kind of war so close to home can affect how you look at the world. For example, here’s is a news story about a city near America’s heart-land. It has nothing to do with our war against those who hate us. But…

Here’s the story. It’s dated, August 2, 2014.

“Woman charged with trying to steal unmarked police car with officers inside”

A woman was arrested early this morning on charges that she tried to steal an idling unmarked police car — with two officers inside.

Three Pittsburgh police officers were sitting in an unmarked car just after 2 a.m. in front of Club Xtaza on Smallman Street in the Strip District, where a 2,500-person after-party for Friday night’s Wiz Khalifa concert was taking place.

The officer sitting in the driver’s seat had stepped out of the car to make a phone call while Officer Garrett Spory, sitting in the passenger seat, “was observing a crowd of five to six people in front of our vehicle who had clearly noticed our undercover vehicle.”

One of the women in the group, Ria Buford, 32, of Highland Park, walked over and sat down in the driver’s seat of the car. Officer Spory tried to push her out, yelling “Pittsburgh police, get out of the vehicle now! You’re under arrest!”

Ms. Buford informed the officers that she would be taking the car to drive it to her car, at which point the officer in the backseat also started to yell at her to get out of the vehicle.

“We were both terrified that she was going to attempt to drive away with both of us in the vehicle,” wrote Officer Spory in the complaint.

Officer Spory then got out of the car and ran around to the driver’s side to try to pull Ms. Buford out of the vehicle. At that point, a man identified only as John Doe grabbed Officer Spory’s shirt and yelled not to touch Ms. Buford.

Still concerned that Ms. Buford was trying to steal the car, Officer Spory and other officers tackled the man, who was ignoring commands to place his hands behind his back. Another officer came over and “delivered two knee strikes to his back area” before handcuffing the man.

Both Ms. Buford and the man, who refused to provide his name and birth date, were arrested. Ms. Buford had “an overwhelming odour of alcoholic beverage emanating from her person,” wrote Officer Spory.


Yes, it’s true. Her ‘person’ was ‘emanating’. The police report said so.

Of course, this story has nothing to do with our Gaza-Israel war. But then, it certainly sounds familiar. It sounds exactly like what Hamas is trying to do to Israel. Like this drunken woman, Hamas wants to grab control of Israel even as Jews reside on the land. It doesn’t care if armed Jews (the ‘police’) are sitting right there. They want to get into the driver’s seat and hijack the property. 

The differences between Hamas and the woman in this news story reveal the truth about Hamas. For example, what emanates from the woman is alcohol. But what emanates from Hamas is far more toxic: Jew-hate.

The woman of this news story is simply drunk. Hamas is fanatical, homicidal and insane.

The woman will spend a night in jail. Hamas will kill every Jew it finds. The drunken woman will annoy her neighbours. Hamas will terrify the world.

Living with war so close can distort how you see the world. It can make you aware that a drunken woman in the USA can teach you something about a terror organization.

The drunken woman teaches us a lesson. Her story reminds us that you must never, ever allow a drunk of any kind to get control of your property.

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