Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The new UN logo: terror over democracy

Once upon a time, the United Nations (UN) stood as the standard-bearer for a free world dedicated to peace, not war. The UN Charter told us that this august institution would “unite our strength to maintain international peace and security” (Preamble).  It would promote better standards of life, and freedom (ibid). It would work “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war” (ibid).

After World War Two, the UN had high hopes for a New World Order. Today, the UN has changed. We have seen this change during the 2014 Gaza-Israel fighting. The UN now, it seems, has a new goal: to promote terror over democracy in the name of peace.

Beware the United Nations. Its humanitarianism could get you murdered—in the name of peace.

Until recently, the UN had a proud record. It stood at the center of Humanitarian law for over sixty years. It has fostered and midwifed most Humanitarian law since the close of World War Two. In the name of peace and human dignity, it has created new legal code for Man to live by. It has defined and refined a New World Belief in the dignity of humanity.

But the dignity of humanity is a Man-made construct. It’s artificial. It’s based upon a modern Humanitarian ideology that’s less than seventy years old. It is, in other words, based upon laws created by Man.

By contrast, G-d’s Law is eternal. It’s been with us, so far, over 3,300 years. It hasn’t changed. It teaches us to distinguish right from wrong. It teaches us what is justice.

Man’s law is different from G-d’s law. Man’s law changes like a new season’s fashion. It does not support or promote G-d’s Law. It competes with G-d’s Law. It seeks to replace G-d’s Law.

In the short term, it has succeeded. G-d’s Law means nothing to this United Nations.  Man’s law now reigns supreme—and it is Man’s law that criminalizes a democracy under attack by those who swear in public to exterminate it. Today, Man’s law empowers terror. Man’s law vilifies democracy. Man’s law is being used to destroy freedom, peace and security. Man’s law is being used to empower those who deny human rights.

It is being used to empower terrorism.

Martin Luther King, Jr is reported to have said that, until Man’s law becomes consistent with G-d’s law, there will be no justice in this world. Today, Man’s law rejects G-d’s Law. Therefore, there is no justice in this world.

In fact, there can be no justice when terror is elevated over democracy. There can be no justice when humanitarians protect the killers of Jews over Jews. There can be no justice when terrorists are immunized against war crimes by the one institution that should condemn those war crimes but won’t. There will never be justice when terror is airbrushed and democracy is criminalized. Indeed, world history has repeatedly taught a simple-but-cruel lesson: there is never peace when the killing of Jews is condoned and protected.

Given the way the UN has treated Israel and Hamas in this latest round of Gaza-Israel fighting, every terror organization has reason to celebrate. Every sovereign state has reason to tremble.

If you are a terrorist, the 2014 Gaza-Israel war has shown you how the UN itself allows human shields to protect terrorists. This war has shown you how the use of human shields can transform a sovereign enemy into an international criminal.

If you are a terrorist, the UN has now taught you the formula for success: use human shields, especially women and children. Make sure those human shields die. Make sure you video the dead. Show the horror of their deaths.

Then, the sovereign state you wish to destroy will be criminalized. You, in turn, will be ennobled, airbrushed and protected.

This is how the UN treats the terrorist and the democracy in this latest war between Hamas and Israel. This is how the UN gives hope to all anarchists, Jihadists and killers who wish to bring chaos to the Western world.

This is what the UN promotes today. From its treatment of the Parties in this Gaza-Israel conflict, the UN reveals an ugly truth. Man’s law is not G-d’s Law. Man’s law is despicable. It does not support peace, freedom or security. It promotes injustice, murder and chaos.

This New World Order is being brought to you by the humanitarians of the world, most especially those at the United Nations. It is a New World Order that can bring Islamic terror to you, not just Gaza.

Watch Gaza on your TV. What you see is not some far-away war. What you see is the consequence of placing Man’s humanitarian law above G-d’s law. 

What you see is the UN’s new logo: terror over democracy.

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