Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hamas, Islam, Palestinianism—and G-d

Last updated: August 28, 2014
Today, Hamas celebrates. During the fifty-day 2014 Gaza-Israel war, it has driven thousands of Jews from their homes in southern Israel. It has made parts of southern Israel Judenrein—Jew-free. It is the first Islamic force in the 21st century to drive Jews backward.

But Hamas is not the only Islamic force moving forward. In the United States, Islam spreads into small communities and local school-boards. Islamic dress and prayer-rooms proliferate. In schools and corporations, Islam becomes the favoured religion.

In Europe, Islam rules supreme over entire sections of large cities. Sharia (Islamic law) replaces local law.

While Hamas sings it has defeated the Jew of Israel, Islam builds mosques in America. It darkens the landscape of Western Europe. It pushes the West to redefine justice and morality for the benefit of Islam. It recruits Americans and Europeans to kill for allah.

Islam in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq transforms into IS (Islamic State). It imposes a barbaric Islam modern man has never seen: beheadings, crucifixions and rape.

Islam is unrelenting. It is voracious. In Iraq, it buried hundreds of women and children alive. In Syria it has killed more than 200,000 in less than three-and-a-half years. In Israel, it has bombarded Jews with a hundred rockets a day for more than fifty days.

Islam is conquest. In the Palestinian Authority, Islamic Fatah creates maps that show an Islamic ‘Palestine’ replacing Israel. In Iraq, Islamic ISIS conquers city after city. From Iraq, the leader of ISIS announces that Islam will ‘conquer Rome’.

Islam doesn’t just bomb Israel. It reaches into Israel. It claims Jerusalem for itself. It calls the Jewish Joseph’s Tomb an Islamic holy site. It demands that Jews be forbidden to ascend the Temple Mount.

The Palestinian cause is Islam’s most attractive modern-day symbol. The Islamic State is its ugliest, most evil symbol.

Together, Palestinianism—the belief in the Palestinian cause--and the Islamic State (IS) work to bring Islam to the world. Both are Jihad. Both kill. Both promise conquest.  

For Islam, there will be peace only when Jews have been driven from Israel. There will be peace only when Islam reigns in place of Israel. There will be peace only when Islam reigns supreme, period.

Palestinianism is the way to remove the impure Jew from ‘Palestine’. Palestinianism is the path that will lead to the Middle East’s greatest Islamic Caliphate, with Jerusalem as its capital. Palestinianism is the way to bring allah to Jerusalem.

Hamas celebrates the defeat of the Jew in Israel because it knows that if Palestinianism triumphs over Israel, Islam will spread like wild-fire across the world. The Islamic State will see to it.

Palestinianism is the experiment that proves the theory: when the Jew can be removed from Israel and replaced by a Muslim ‘Palestine’, then every other country can be taken. The Islamic State will make sure of it.

If the G-d of Israel can be conquered, no one else will be able to stand against Islam. The world will kneel in fear before the sword of Islam. It will embrace allah or die.

‘Palestinianism’ is the vanguard. Hamas is the spear. ISIS is the enforcer. Allah is their inspiration.

Islam knows that Judaism is the dam that holds it back. It is the Jew who keeps Islam from conquering the West. The Jew is the prophylactic that prevents Islam’s total conquest.

The power of the Jewish State is that its existence inhibits the Islamic message. The power of the Jewish State is its Zion—its Jerusalem. A Jewish Jerusalem threatens Islam’s dream of conquest.

A Jewish Israel means that the G-d of Israel lives.

That’s why Palestinianism is so important: it will remove the G-d of Israel from Israel. It will erase Jewish history. It will conquer the holiness of the Jewish Jerusalem.

If Jewish Jerusalem falls, the full force of Islam will be released. Nothing will stand in its way. The deluge of the Islamic State will cover the earth.

Today, Palestinianism celebrates a victory over the Jew in Israel. It celebrates because Hamas has just demonstrated the power of Islam over the Jew.

Conquest is Islam. Palestinianism is its poster-child. Hamas is its sacrifice. The Islamic state (IS) is its reality.

Islam marches forward. But it attracts positive, admiring headlines only because of Hamas. Only Palestinianism wars so openly against the Jews.

Palestinianism demonizes the Jewish State. It criminalizes the Jewish State. It has just made another part of Israel (at least temporarily) Jew-free.

Through Hamas, the Islamic Palestine wants to conquer Israel. Through the IS, Islam wants to conquer the world.

Islam is on the march. It is relentless. It will not be stopped.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. The Islamic conquest can be stopped—through the G-d of Israel.

You just have to make the first move. You have to turn to G-d. You have to call to Him.

Will you?

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