Friday, January 31, 2014

The Arab Spring is not about peace

If you read Hamas and Palestinian Authority (PA) news sites, you’ll get a snapshot of what the Arab Spring looks like. That picture is not pretty. It’s ugly.

There is no talk of peace on these Arab sites. There can’t be. The horror of daily life is too overwhelming.

With news stories such as you’re about to review, how can Arabs even think of peace? They can’t. They don’t.

The Arab Spring is not about peace. Look at Syria. The fighting in Syria is a front-page story for both Hamas and Fatah (PA). Palestinians suffer in Syrian Palestinian refugee camps. These ‘refugees’ originally came to these camps from the 1948 War in Israel. Some came to the camps as a direct result of fighting—fleeing gunfire. Some came because Jewish soldiers pushed them out of their homes during fighting. Some came because Arab leaders told them to flee—so Arab fighters wouldn’t harm them during fighting. Some, not refugees, became 'refugees' because the UN was distributing food.

Today, most of the original refugees have died. Now, millions of their descendants live like animals in camps managed by the United Nations as, essentially, Apartheid concentration camps in Arab countries for the benefit of the Arab war against Israel. Today, in Syria, they suffer horrifically—and Hamas and Fatah ignore their horror. Saudi Arabia and Qatar also ignore them.

The suffering ‘Palestinians’ in Syria are Muslim. But few Muslims care about them. These refugees are pawns in the war to destroy Israel (if you don’t understand how, you’ve got a lot of reading to do. You can start with From Time Immemorial, by Joan Peters; make sure you read the footnotes. They may be more important that the text).

In the Syrian Palestinian refugee camp called Yarmouk, Arabs starve to death. Dozens die each week. In one Fatah news story, only 18,000 refugees now remain in Yarmouk. Of that remaining 18,000, some 20,000 (according to the story) are now expected to starve to death (apparently, Arab editors aren’t big on arithmetic).

Many eat stray animals to stay alive. One survivor reports that he saw a man kill a stray dog to eat. But the dog had no meat on its bones. The dog was inedible.

Even the dogs starve.

Women resort to prostitution. It’s the only way they can raise money to buy food.

Reports appear on Hamas and PA sites that residents of Yarmouk are being starved by Assad forces for a reason. Assad wants the refugees to turn against the rebels.

Is that truth or propaganda? No one knows. No one cares.

The refugees don’t matter. They are only pawns.

There are more than a billion Muslims in the world. There are more than 330 million Muslims in the Middle East. Few help these Muslim refugees.

Fatah and Hamas leaders rule their followers with a totalitarian hand. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait rule the same way. None of them offers more than a token of help—if that.

Arab leaders rule with an iron fist. They can do anything they want. But it appears that the one thing they do not want is to help starving Arab Muslim refugees.

This dictatorial neglect is part of the Arab reality. It’s part of the Arab Spring. It suggests that the Arab Spring is a lie. There can never be an Arab Spring because there is no life to revive. There is only brutality, arrogance, subjugation—and dictatorial neglect.

Perhaps that’s what the Arab Spring is all about—killing each other to see who gets to be (or remain) dictator. Certainly, that’s the Arab Spring in Syria.

In Ramallah, the ‘capitol’ of the PA, we see another aspect of Arab life, one that is also linked to the ‘camps’: rioting. As reported in PA news this week, clashes between PA Police and ‘youth’ broke out at an Arab ‘refugee’ camp. During a funeral, an Arab restaurant owner refused to shut his doors. Arab youth threatened to burn him down. Police moved in. Clashes spread.

There is no ‘peace’ in Hamas and Fatah news. There is too much death, starvation, rioting and brutality. There’s no room for ‘peace’.

The US says these Arabs are Israel’s peace partners. Don’t believe it.

Instead of peace, these Arabs write about the law of Stone Age survival: rule with brutality or be brutally ruled.

Syria proves that. So does Fatah. So does Hamas.

There is no room for peace in the Arab Spring. There is no peace. Too often, there are only starving dogs and women forced into prostitution.  

The EU and the US must have a good reason for ignoring these horrific realities. I wonder what that reason is.

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