Sunday, January 26, 2014

Peace: if America and Europe loved Israel

You can tell that American and European officials are Christian. They love to talk about peace. They love to talk about love. They love to talk about loving peace.

It must be a Christian thing.

You can tell something else about American and European officials who love talking about peace. They don’t love Israel. The so-called ‘peace’ they now seek for Israel is not peace. It’s just another tactic in the Muslim war against Israel.

We know that the current peace effort is just another part of that war because Abbas has never announced that statehood is the next step in his fight for peace. But he has announced that it is his next step in his war against Israel.

Hamas officials—the silent partners in these talks—echo Abbas. Hamas doesn’t want peace with Israel. It wants war against Israel.

It’s a Muslim thing. Muslims aren’t interested in love. They don’t talk about peace. Instead, they talk about destroying Israel.

If American and European officials loved Israel, they’d ask Muslims why they call for Jihad in Jerusalem (“PA Minister: Jihad Should be Directed at Jerusalem, Not Syria” Arutz Sheva, January 22, 2014). They’d tell the Muslim, if you want to kill Jews, why should we help you? They’d say, if you try to kill Jews, we will treat you as a war criminal, not a peace partner.

If American and European officials loved Israel, they’d ask Mahmoud Abbas why does your Fatah Party Logo show your new ‘Palestine’ replacing Israel on the map? They’d tell Abbas, we do not help people who seek to erase from the world an existing sovereign nation. They’d say, we do not support war mongers.

If American and European loved Israel, they’d tell Abbas that he has not yet met one of the most important criteria for statehood: a monopoly on the use of force. As others have already pointed out, a monopoly on the use of force is a hallmark of sovereignty—and Abbas has not yet fully disarmed Hamas, nor has he succeeded in nationalizing the militias of the myriad other Palestinian groups that have sworn themselves to Israel’s destruction (see “Why Israel Should Support Palestinian Statehood: a Reply to Mahmoud Abbas,” Conflict and Collaboration, Miriam F Elman, May 23, 2011). They’d tell Abbas, we won’t support you until you can fully control Hamas and your anti-Israel militias.

If American and European officials loved Israel, they’d ask Hamas and Fatah, where on your news sites are there stories promoting peace with Israel? They’d ask, why aren’t you talking to your people about peace?  They’d tell Muslims, if we don’t see you building  a mandate for peace, we will not help you.

If American and European officials loved Israel, they’d ask Muslims, when will you accept Israel as the Jewish State? They’d say, you want Israel to recognize you. Why, then, won’t you recognize Israel?

If American and European officials loved Israel, they’d ask Muslims, where is peace?  They’d say, your officials act and talk as if peace is dead. We don’t talk to people who treat peace that way.

Perhaps American and European behaviour is a Christian thing. Perhaps these Christian officials understand too well how a religion could turn against Israel and scheme to replace Israel. Perhaps these Christian officials are sympathetic to the Muslim ‘replacement theology’ Muslims so aggressively aim at Israel.

Perhaps American and European officials don’t love peace with Israel as much as they say they do. Perhaps their actions don’t support their words. Perhaps ‘peace’ isn’t on their agenda, after all.

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