Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Catherine Ashton cleanses Jews from Holocaust?

Catherine Ashton is considered by many to be one of the most important players on today’s world stage. She is Minister of Foreign Affairs for the European Union (EU). She is not the President of the EU. But she stands nonetheless in the main spotlight—at center-stage.

The EU does not have the power or the military capability of Obama’s America or Putin’s Russia. The EU is big—on paper.  Catherine Ashton is bigger than that paper. On some says, she seems bigger than the EU.

Around the world, she has name recognition. Many outside Europe consider her to be a major voice in Arab-Israel ‘peace’ efforts. People know who she is.

By contrast, how many outside Europe know the name of the President of the European Council? The President of the European Council is often referred to as the ‘President of the EU’. Do you know his name?

You may never have heard of Herman Van Rompuy. He will be President of the European Council until November 30, 2014.

Van Rompuy’s name may draw a blank. But people recognize Ashton’s name. They have seen her picture often enough to recognize her face. That recognition gives her visibility. That visibility gives her power.

She uses that power to support the Palestinian demand for a new state. She uses her power to accuse Israel of refusing to ‘talk peace’ with those who want to destroy Israel. She uses that power to declare with her silence that she doesn’t care if Palestinian leadership demands that a war crime (ethnic cleansing) be committed in order to create their new state. She uses her power of silence to declare that she doesn’t care if Palestinian leadership threatens Israel.

Why should she care if Palestinian leadership threatens Israel? She threatens Israel herself.

She wants the Palestinians to get what they want. She threatens Israel to make sure they get it.

The Palestinians want a Jew-free state. Put another way, they want a racist, Apartheid state.

Ashton openly supports that goal. She is aggressive about her support. She has declared that if current Arab-Israel peace talks fail, she will be angry—at Israel.  If those talks fail, the EU will boycott Israel.

Ashton does not discuss what ‘punishment’ the Palestinian Authority (PA) will receive for failure. She indemnifies the PA against criticism.  

Now she reveals something new. She supports a form of Holocaust denial.  

According to a news report (“Ashton Omits Mention of Jews During Holocaust Day Speech,” January 28, 2014, Arutz Sheva), Ashton did not refer to Jews in a speech commemorating International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Instead of referring to Jewish victims (at this Jewish event), she referred to ‘victims of the Holocaust’.

 She deleted the Jews from the Holocaust. By that deletion, she denies the essence of the Holocaust, its Jew-hate.

Her statement said, ’we honour all those brutally killed during this darkest period of European history. We also especially would like to honour those acted with courage and self-sacrifice to protect their fellow citizens from persecution.’

These words may sound nice. But the truth is, this Jewish event is not about Europe. It’s not about ‘fellow citizens’.  Holocaust Remembrance is about Jews. It’s about Jew-hate. It’s about what happens when the early stages of official Jew-hate (such as we see in Palestinian leadership) is ignored. It’s about remembering how many Jews were murdered by pure hate—and thinking if only for a moment about making sure that such hate never again gains such power.

Ashton cleansed such thoughts from her speech. But to delete ‘Jews’ from a Holocaust Memorial speech is like deleting milk from a milkshake or the chicken from your chicken salad. It removes the meaning from the content. It denies the reality of the Holocaust. It denies the reality that ‘Holocaust’ got its name because of the horror done to Jews, not ‘fellow citizens.’  

Her omission cleanses the Holocaust of its Jews.

The Palestinians want to cleanse Jews, too. Does her omission tell us she is the Palestinian’s European kindred spirit?

Ashton’s omission suggests that she cannot bring herself to say the word, ‘Jew’ even in front of Jews. It suggests that her imbalanced support for the PA is more than an oversight. It suggests that her threat to punish only Jews if peace talks fail is no accident.

Her omission suggests she is an anti-Semite. Her refusal to use the word, ‘Jews’, for this occasion reminds one that, if something looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it’s a duck.

What are you , Catherine Ashton?

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