Sunday, June 30, 2013

Signs that the Redemption is near?


For years, the American magazine, Sports Illustrated, has run a weekly mini-report entitled, “Signs of the Apocalypse” (or something like that). It contains a one-or-two sentence announcement that features some weekly occurrence in the Sports world. Typically, it focuses on someone doing something really stupid. It highlights how incredibly awful highly-paid or famous people can be. Such behaviour by those we honour, the piece suggests, is surely a sign that our world must soon end.

Mostly, these incidents entertain.

That magazine comes from America. We live in Israel, which follows a different religious and spiritual orientation. So if someone in America thinks about Christian-inspired world Destruction, perhaps we can think about something different--a Jewish-inspired Redemption.

Consider now some recent examples from the news that, in some way—humorous and not so humorous-- might suggest that the world might be preparing for something New. If you don’t see how these headlines might pre-sage a Jewish Redemption, that’s okay. That just means that your ‘Redemption training’ isn’t up-to-date.

For June 2013:

-PM tells internet giants to tackle porn (The London Times)

-Naked bike ride in Mexico City (The Guardian)

-Why do baseball games take so long? (Boston Globe)

-TWA Flight 800 crash not due to gas tank explosion, former investigators say (Yahoo! News)

-Barack Obama: NSA is not rifling through ordinary people's emails (The Guardian)]

-Soldiers shouldn’t need to go to law for justice (The Times of London)

-Britain is in a dangerous moral state, says Welby (The Times of London)

-The whole truth must now come out (Manchester (England) Evening News)

-Israel will get $60b from 20 years of gas sales (Al Arabiya English)

-University of Wyoming researcher warns of virus decimating European livestock (Casper (Wyoming Star-Tribune)

- Woman's breast implants explode after four-hour gaming session (msnNow)


A report that the US government might lie (the TWA 800 story) reminds us that before the Jewish Redemption begins, a world of falsehood would grow stronger. Have we reached that point?

Or, do you feel better about your world because US President Obama has declared that the United States does not read your email?

The Time of Redemption will be a time of Truth. In England, a newspaper headline declares that the Truth must now come out. Is this a heralding of Redemption—or is it just more news about yet another government cover-up?

On a happier note, a national leader wants to take down pornography. That’s good for Truth and Justice, isn’t it?

But wait. What’s this about naked bike riders? Is this connected with the pornography story? Well, have you ever tried to ride a bike naked? Ouch!

Maybe these bike riders tell us something about the price of immorality. Do these headlines tell us that the world indeed has a moral problem—or are we simply getting a peek at what the naked truth looks like?

Or, are we just looking for a peek at naked bike riders?

For morality and justice, maybe you should think about England. British soldiers cannot get justice (when killed in action due to military negligence). Does that mean that Britain suffers a dangerous moral state—or is Britain’s apparently crumbling morality a separate issue?

Why are Britishers concerned about their moral state? Do they know something we don’t?

Do major gas discoveries off the shores of Israel mean that, at last, Israel is ready to leap forward towards the rewards of Redemption?

Do we see another sign of Redemption this month? A woman’s breast implants exploded after she lay on her stomach for four hours playing video games. Does this mean that, with Redemption near, false fronts will now fail?

Look, our future beckons. The world before us reveals where we stand—and suggests where we are going. These news stories challenge us. They make us think: where are we headed?


Naturally, it’s possible that all this news is meaningless. These stories may have nothing to do with the Jewish Redemption. Maybe we needn’t worry about our future. Perhaps these headlines are simply proof that nothing—except the length of a baseball game—never really changes.

But then, The Star-Tribune of Caspar, Wyoming has recently run a headline that (just as the European Union wants to step up a boycott of Israel) a killing virus has begun to decimate European livestock.

What’s that mean?


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