Sunday, September 11, 2011

On the threshold of greatness: September 11th

 September 11, 2011 is the tenth anniversary of the Islamist attack on the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon. It is a day we remember United Airlines Flight 93, which did not reach its terror target that day because the Flight’s passengers fought the plane’s highjackers, and the plane crashed in Western Pennsylvania, killing everyone aboard.  We remember the more than 2,000 souls who died that day because of hate. We remember this moment as the 21st century’s version of Pearl Harbor, a day that lives in infamy.

The world changed on September 11, 2001. All of the advances the world had made in science, medicine and economics were pushed aside as hate took stage-center. How have we reacted to that hate? Tens of thousands have died in Afghanistan and Iraq, Iran declares it will build an atom bomb to destroy Israel-- and Arabs prepare to seek membership in the United Nations as the world’s newest State. This last might appear to be a happy moment. But it is not.  It is an act of aggression: what the Arab has been unable to do through war, he now attempts to do through diplomacy—take land away from the hated Jew.

Is this where we want to be ten years after the most horrific terror attack against America? Is this what ten years of confronting terror has led us to—isolating, demonizing and attacking the Jew? That’s where we are now, for the hated Jew is cornered and the prospects for him are breath-taking. The Jew occupies less than one per cent of Middle East real estate and the world cannot wait to increase the Arab’s 99% holdings at the Jews’ expense. The majority isn’t major enough—and it’s the Jews’ fault!  After all that has happened during the last ten years, the UN sees the Jew--the first and primary target of terror-- as its own primary target: after all the terror that has followed 9/11/01, an Arab success at the UN will be the triumph of Evil over Good, Wrong over Right. Even more startling, however, is the extent to which the nations of the world appear to support this act of aggression, despite having had ten years to see the connection between the Arabs who flew into the World Trade Center and the Arabs who now turn to the UN to attack the Jews (think  ‘radical Islam’); and even more startling than that is the extent to which Jews in Israel support this shame.

Make no mistake. This is not a case of justice. This is not an attempt to give a nation its inalienable rights. This is not about fairness or democracy or freedom. If you want to know what the Arab understands about these concepts, check out the progress he has made with his Arab Spring. This call for statehood is  not about a new life; it is about death—for the Jews. The Arab has stated this repeatedly and openly, year after year. It is no secret. As far back as 1978, in an interview published in 1984, a former UN census expert spoke of the Arab refugee problem as an Arab strategy to destroy Israel (see Joan Peters, From Time Immemorial). The Arab has been abusing its own people for 63 years, housing them in apartheid horror, just for this moment. Beginning almost twenty years after Israel’s birth, Yasser Arafat created the legend of the Palestinian people. Before that moment, a ‘Palestinian’ was a Jewish resident of the British Mandate in the Middle East; no self-respecting Arab would tolerate being called a ‘Palestinian’.  The only ‘Palestine’ was what the Romans called the Jewish Israel after a devastating conquest, during which Jewish blood flowed like rivers through the hills. Arabs who left Israel during the 1948 war had been primarily nomads, with no true historic (or historically provable) tie to the land they left—no archaeology, no written history, no kingship, no wars or state-craft.  But Arafat, like Hitler, was a genius. He knew how to tell a lie. He knew how to turn the cruellest abuse of his own people to his advantage. He knew how to tap into Western prejudices to create a living fiction. He created the fictitious ‘Palestinian people’.  Mahmoud Abbas, so-called President of the PA, has inherited Arafat’s mantel.  Abbas, you may recall, earned a PhD with a thesis that the Holocaust was a lie; so it seems somehow poetic that this evil man should build on the evil Arafat to declare, in October 2010,  this  intent to get Statehood—and land—without having to negotiate with the hated and putrid Jew. This was treachery, for there had been countless past agreements that had stated that all final agreements between Arab and Jew were to be reached by mutual consent.  Reading world opinion correctly, Abbas threw out those calls for mutual consent and simply went for the jugular: no negotiations; Israel must surrender now. It was simple. It was clear. It was brilliant. Abbas has been so successful selling this new siren’s call for ‘justice’ that a recently-elected United States President quickly signed on. So did the UN. Today, the world demands Jewish surrender. Which nations stand for Israel?  How many? Do you hear their voices calling for this evil to be stopped?

What’s there not to like about this plan? The Arab will see a 63 year-old dream come true. The Jewish state will be shrunk, its people will be crowded onto itself as hundreds of thousands are cleansed from newly-won Arab soil and pushed homeless and often unemployed (because of their expulsion) into hundreds of tent cities all over Israel.   Israel’s sewage systems will be overwhelmed; its social welfare systems will be overwhelmed,  and its economy will  teeter under the pressure of it all. Best of all, Israel’s  defensible borders will shrink to nine miles’ width. The Arab world will dance in the street. At last, the world will see’ justice’ against the Jew implemented. In Israel, the nation will realize that the Right was right and the Left were liars, abetted in their lies by a professionally bankrupt media and blind (if not stupid) politicians. Will there be chaos in Israel? Will there be civil war?

  Will this be how the Final Days of our Redemptive Process begin—or will the G-d of Israel be kind, and push events down a different path? Will the Arab request for statehood contain elements that are so outrageously greedy and offensive that nations recoil in horror, or will their request be met with cheers?  Yes, we stand on the threshold of greatness. But how will we get across that threshold? Do we really give away G-d’s Holy Land? Is that how we actuate our destiny?  

How many were murdered on September 11, 2001? Can you imagine the hate that drove those killers? It is the same hate that motivates the Arab drive for another state in the Middle East. Dare we desecrate the name of G-d by remembering the murdered with a surrender to hate?

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