Thursday, March 29, 2018

Update on computer troubles

Since my last report to you about this latest Windows 10 update problem, I have learned a great deal about problem-solving a software problem. I have made progress into understanding the current problem. But I haven't yet got beyond that.

One of my American readers has given me a lot of time to help create a workable solution for me. He has been terrific. But so far, nothing has worked.

He's still wiling to help. I appreciate that. But I'm going to 'throw in the towel'. I've have enough.

I say, a hearty "thank you!!!" to my American reader.

I will have to buy a new computer. That seems the best solution. Once I do that, I will still need to see if I can retrieve my files from the frozen computer, but when I try to do that, I will at least have a (new) computer to work with. I hope to be back online within 10 days--I believe!

Thanks for your patience.

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