Sunday, March 18, 2018

Need help: once again, it's Windows 10 vs Tuvia Brodie

Some day very soon I shall become a true expert in Windows 10 update issues. It's an honor I do not want.

Based on anecdotal (that is, informal) 'research' completed while under a heightened sense of frustration, I have concluded that, once my involuntary training in this field has finished, I shall join perhaps as many as 400-1000 other abused Windows 10 users who are as frustrated as I am. We will be an exclusive club.

The problem for us poor sods is the fast-becoming horror called the 'Windows 10 update'.  As many of you Windows 10 users know, the 'Windows 10 update' is, typically, an automatic update sent to you. Mostly, it's involuntary. You receive, typically, no choice, just a message that says,'do not turn off computer;  update...'. 

Less than three months ago, I had a major shut-down or freeze-up because of Windows 10 update. I am not an IT specialist. It took me several days to fix. 

I thank everyone who helped me at that time. I am especially grateful for one US reader who got me the solution that worked. 

Now I have a worse problem. This latest problem came with a March 13, 2018 Windows 10 update.

At least, with the late Dec/early January 2018 issue, my computer turned on. I could start it up and do some kind of searching. For this problem, my computer is completely dark. 

Take this morning, for example. Today, I pushed the start-up button, as usual, to start my Dell desktop, Studio XPS computer. What I got for that effort was a black screen. That was more than an hour ago (I'm using my wife's computer right now, which I can borrow only for short periods of time). Right now, my computer screen isn't black. It's now completely bronze, with vertical white lines app 3/8ths of an inch apart, across the entire screen. Lovely.

If what happened last week still holds true, I know what will happen next--maybe: this 'bronzed' screen arrangement will go one for perhaps another 20 minutes (or more). At that point, if I'm lucky, I will get a notice that says the automatic repair of my PC has failed due to an error.

I will have an option to go to 'Advanced options'. There, I find six choices. `Two of them I can't use because I either don't have some kind of 'image disk' that's necessary for a repair; or, because I do not know how to use an option which takes me to a 'Command' something option (it's either a 'C Command' or a 'Command C' choice, I think).

The other four options all fail.

If you are familiar with this stuff, I can report to you I cannot get over to the 'Safe Mode'.

Have any of you got experience with such a problem? 

Can you advise?

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