Sunday, July 23, 2017

Israel's leaders, our Palestinian enemy and Abbas' greatest contribution to economics

(Last update: July 24, 2017)
Last week, Arabs who embrace the terror of the 'Palestinian  Cause' murdered two Israeli policeman in Jerusalem's Old City. Within a matter of  minutes, the terrorists had run up to the Temple  Mount, which was close by the attack. They were killed on the Temple Mount by Israeli police. 

To protect Israelis from future terror attacks on or near the Temple  Mount, Israeli officials ordered the placement of metal detectors at the entrance to the Temple Mount. These detectors are similar to detectors found at the Islamic shrine at Mecca, the Vatican and airports around the world. They are everyday images virtually everywhere you travel.

Apparently, Muslims in Israel are outraged that Israel should put up metal detectors. Arab leaders have called for a 'Day of Rage' over this issue. That 'Day of Rage' has, so far, lasted five days. 

Here's a cartoon that captures the reason behind the rage that has hit Israel over these metal detectors. The cartoon comes from the jewishpress. The cartoon is by Asher Schwartz. It's titled, "Your security ends where my religion begins".  It's dated July 22, 2017:

Arabs have suggested many times that Israel does not have the right to defend itself. They rage and riot and murder to make this point. They posture with slingshots and strut with fiery Molotov cocktails. They are insanely outraged to see Jews protecting themselves against Islamic terror attack.

How will Israel respond to all of this? We don't know.

We don't know if Israel will stand strong or fold under pressure. We don't know how many Jews will die before this insane religious madness ends.

But we do know this: our leaders are uncertain. They do not stand firm.

They're afraid. They make a decision (to put up the metal detectors), then question their own decision. 

In the face of 'unfathomable' hate, our leaders become afraid of their own shadow. They have lost their way. 

Our enemy is not afraid. Our enemy is not uncertain.

Unlike our Jewish leaders, our enemy is not lost. He has found his way. 

He will kill. He will riot. He will stone policemen. He will send women, boys and even girls to stab Israeli soldiers. He will send his children on suicide missions to attack Jews.

He will celebrate his child's death as a religious 'martyrdom'. Then he will sit back, to collect a monthly income for life from the Palestinian Authority. The amount he receives will depend upon how many Jews his child has killed.

Killing Jews yields a higher return for more people in the Palestinian Authority than winning a lottery. It's Mahmoud Abbas' greatest contribution to the theory of economics. Right now, he's giving out more than $350 million US dollars a year for these payments. Abbas has made terror the biggest component within the Palestinian Authority's export business. It equals almost 50% of the income made from Palestinian exports, as of 2011, the latest figures easily available.

No wonder Palestinians rage. If they die while they riot, their families receive a windfall. 

For individual Palestinians, metal detectors, religion, rioting and killing Jews go together better than baseball and hotdogs in America.  Certainly, the payout is better.

How will all of this madness end?

G-d knows.

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