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Friday cartoon on Sunday: UNESCO identity theft

(Last updated July 10, 2017)

Today isn't Friday. Nevertheless, I have a  cartoon for you from today's edition of israelhayom. It's a good one. 

Take a look:

from: Shlomo  Cohen, israelhayom, July 9, 2017

Can  you see what's inside this 'UNESCO Bible'?  Inside this 'bible' is a collection of Palestinian flag markers--for use to mark the contents of the Jewish Biblical story as no longer Jewish but 'Palestinian'.

The UN appears to have a plan to use these markers to erase Judaism and Jewish history.  The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has developed what looks like a three-stage plan for Israel. It has already begun to implement that plan.

First, in 2015, it declared Rachel's Tomb and the Cave of the Patriarchs to be Islamic, not Jewish ("UNESCO declares Rachel's Tomb, Cave of the Patriarchs Muslim Holy sites", breakingisraelnews, October 22, 1015). In 2016, it declared the Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem to be Islamic, not Jewish (William Watkinson, "UNESCO declares Temple Mount--Judaism's holiest site--as Muslim", internationalbusinesstimes, October 15, 2016). 

In May 2017, UNESCO moved to the second stage of its plan for Israel. It declared that Israel has no sovereignty over Jerusalem (Tovah Lazaroff, Herb Keinon, "UNESCO disavows Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem in 22-10 vote", jerusalempost, May 2, 2017). Since the Temple  Mount is in Jerusalem, this declaration meant that not only is the Temple Mount not Jewish, it is no longer under Israel's sovereign control.

Now we discover a third stage for the UNESCO drive to erase what the history of the Jews in Israel. UNESCO has recently turned against a Jewish landmark in Hevron. But in this newest attack, UNESCO didn't simply say Israel has no sovereignty over this landmark. It went beyond that. It declared the landmark to be 'Palestinian' (Chana Roberts, "UNESCO: cave of Patriarchs belongs to Palestinian Authority", arutzsheva, July 7, 2017). 

As essayist Yishai Fleisher has pointed out, this Cave of the Patriarchs is indisputably Jewish. It dates back 3,800 years. The anti-Semitic UNESCO "expropriates the tombs of the very founders of the Jewish religion" (Yishai Fleisher, "National identity theft at UNESCO", jerusalempost, July 5, 2017). 

You can't get any more anti-Jew than that. Since UNESCO is supposed to preserve national cultural icons, this Jewish erasure in Hevron means that UNESCO abandons its mandate so as to erase a national Jewish treasure, not preserve it.

Fleisher writes, "In the ancient city of Hebron, there stands a colossal 2,000-year old burial monument --a  kind of Taj Mahal of the Middle East. Josephus, the antiquities historian [who wrote for the Roman Empire during the mid-to-late first century CE], records that this monument was built by the Jewish king Herod the Great as an adornment  atop the 3,800-year old tombs of Abraham, his wife Sarah, and most of the founding family of the Jewish People" (ibid).      
The Cave of the Patriarchs is all about Judaism and the Jewish religious narrative of the Jewish people. It's got nothing to do with the 'Palestinian' people or 'Palestinian' history--unless, of course, you want to 'make up' a 'Palestinian' history to erase Jewish history. Then, everything UNESCO is doing to Israel makes sense.

The Arab 'Palestinian' people and an Arab 'Palestine' didn't exist in ancient times. To see this, you need look no further than the Islamic holy text, the Quran. There, you'll see the words 'Jewish' and 'Israel'.  That is, in the Quran, Israel exists as the home of the Jews.

But in that same Islamic Quran, you will not find a single reference to 'Palestinian' or 'Palestine'. Those words do not occur because that people and that Arab place didn't exist--not 3,800 years ago in Abraham's time, nor 1,380 years ago when Islam was founded (Ari Yashar, "allah gave Israel to the Jews, there's no Palestine", arutzsheva, 06/02/14). 

The Jordanian Muslim scholar Sheik Ahmad Adwan has said, "allah has already named [Israel] 'The Holy Land' and bequeathed it to the Children of Israel until the Day of Judgment...There is no such thing as 'Palestine' in the Koran" (ibid).

Yes, the Jewish homeland was conquered by Romans, cleansed of most of its Jews (What Palestinian leaders want to do today), and renamed by Romans with a Latin (not Arabic) name, 'Palestina'. But it has remained the 'land of the Jews'. 

Everyone knew what 'Palestina' was. It was the Jewish land. Arab 'Palestinians' and an Arab 'Palestine' did not exist.

The leaders of the Palestinian Authority are thieves. They conspire with UNESCO to steal our Jewish heritage. They work hand-in-hand with UNESCO to erase our Jewish connection to the land of Israel. 

By working to steal our history, UNESCO proves itself to be no better than an identity thief. It rewrites our Jewish Bible as a record of 'Palestine', not Israel. Can you imagine the gall of that? 

Indeed, can you imagine how the nations would respond if Jews attacked the Quran in this way?

For its part, the Palestinian Authority (PA) doesn't condemn UNESCO for trying to steal another's religious narrative. The PA celebrates the theft. 

Palestinian leaders celebrate the UNESCO theft just as they celebrate the murder of Jews. These celebrations reveal the truth. The PA promotes the theft of what's Jewish in Israel. It promotes the murder of Jews. It promotes the destruction of Israel. 

The PA has no interest in peace with Jews. It simply wants to erase all things 'Jew' from Israel--and then rename Israel, 'Palestine'.

This thievery tells us all we need to know about UNESCO. It's name refers to education, culture and science (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). But it doesn't make its name promoting any of that. 

It makes it name stealing from the world's only Jewish state.  

UNESCO and the Palestinian Authority: they're a band of thieves. They live to steal. They live to destroy.

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