Sunday, November 20, 2016

This month isn't November. It's something else

This month isn't November. It's 'computer-trouble' month.

When my computer issues began in October, I had trouble getting the computer to 'fire-up'. I couldn't start it. If I did start it, I often found that nothing would open. 

Then, for a brief while, that problem resolved on its own--only to be replaced by a new one: I couldn't get access to the internet. That also resolved--until I discovered that, once on the internet, I couldn't navigate from site to site.

I got it all fixed. Then, I got new troubles.

First, I had trouble with font size. That is, I can't control it. No matter what I try, the font size either switches to a different size by itself--or, it does what I ask of it.

The font size works and doesn't work according to some random process I can't fathom. 

Now, the last two lines of text disappear at the bottom of the work-page where I type my essay into the blog. This problem, like the one with font size, occurs randomly. 

When this problem kicks in, I can't correct anything below 'the bottom'. At other times, such as right now, I have no problem at all.

It's frustrating. 

I'll keep trying to fix it.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your patience.

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