Wednesday, November 23, 2016

American Jews abandon the Motherland

Israel lives in an incredibly dangerous neighborhood (Jonathan Sarna, "Why are American Jews abandoning Israel?", haaretz, 05.10.2009).  Its Jewish citizens are attacked, murdered, demonized and hated more than any other group in the free world. Israel's Jews get no respite from this universal animus.

The lack of rest-and-relief for Israel begins every day at the same time--at 4:30 am. Each day before daylight, Muslim-owned loudspeakers blast calls for prayer. The noise is ramped-up and intrusive. There are anti-noise laws in Israel to prevent such intrusion at 4:30 AM. But the Muslims who break these laws don't care. They break the law. When Israel announced it will pass a law to end this early-morning loudspeaker intrusion, Muslims cry, 'it's an act of war' (Dalit HaLevy, "Muezzin Law is a declaration of war", arutzsheva, November 11, 2016).  

Loud loudspeakers are the least of Israel's problems. Muslim Arabs enter Israel every day and, too often, attack Jews with the intent to kill. Arab Muslim clerics, politicians, teachers and media bombard the Arab population of the Palestinian Authority with a constant drum-beat of hate, anti-Jewish rhetoric and calls to kill Jews.

The world watches. It sees Muslim Arabs promote genocide against Jews. It sees Arab racists use anti-Jew incitement.  

Instead of condemning  Arab racism and calls for genocide against Jews, the EU and the UN turn against Israel. They accuse Israel of racism (and, on occasion, genocide). They do this knowing that Israel couldn't possibly be "racist" and and genocidal--and remain the Region's only Free, democratic country. 

The UN attacks Israel. The EU attacks Israel. The US is no better. It has, under Barack Obama, stopped protecting Israel against these attacks.

You'd think the Jews of America, where the second largest Jewish population in the world lives, would come to Israel's defense. American Jews used to do that, big time (haaretz, ibid). But those days are gone. Now, America's Jews abandon Israel (ibid).

American Jews turn away from Israel because, for the most part, they no longer embrace Jewish values. They've abandoned 'Jewish'. They prefer 'liberal' and 'progressive' for their basic beliefs (Bethany Mandel, "Why are American Jews so liberal?",  thefederalist, April 16, 2016).

For many American Jews, Israel is not the Jewish homeland (Allan C. Brownfeld, "The true crisis of Zionism: silent majority of US Jews have never supported it", mondoweiss, September 21, 2012).  It isn't the Jewish Motherland (ibid). 

They reject the Jewish Torah. They choose 'equality'. They reject Jewish national sovereignty. They choose 'end the occupation'. They reject the Jewishness of Israel. They choose multiculturalism.

They turn against Israel because they reject both Judaism and Jewish history. They call this rejection, 'enlightenment'' (Elliott Abrams, "If American Jews and Israel are drifting aparty, what's the reason?" mosaic, April 4, 2016). 

Enlightened, they become blind. They no longer see Israel as the destiny of the Jewish people. 

American Jews no longer listen to the call of Jewish history. They listen to those who would erase Jewish history. 

They become deaf to the call to defend Jewish Israel. They defend 'Palestinians'--against Israel

They become dumb. They don't speak out to support Israel. They speak only for an anti-Israel 'peace' that requires that Israel shrink itself into indefensible borders in order to empower a people dedicated passionately to destroying Israel.

They call themselves Jews. But they forget their Jewish history. They reject their Jewish religion. They won't defend their Motherland. 

Are American Jews homeless?

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