Thursday, October 6, 2016

Jew-hate on college campuses--and aliyah

What you are about to see is part of an effort to fight Jew-hate on US college campuses. It's a snapshot of the main page of 'stop the Jew hatred on'. I retrieved this page on October 6, 2016.  

This main page suggests what October, 2016 looks like to many of your college-age children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren. The page is not pretty. 

You need to see it. It's what the USA is becoming for your college-bound friends and family members.

What your children, friends and grandchildren experience today is similar to what young Jews began to see on Nazi Germany's college campuses in the very early 1930's. They see an anti-Jew Nazification of university life. 

Note: if you wish to read any of the articles listed below, go over to website, 'stop the Jew hatred on':

To understand the very first image you will see below, here is that image before it had been cropped for posting at 'stop the Jew hatred on'. This image comes from "Freedom Center posters hit UCLA campus terrorist supporters", frontpagemag, October 6, 2016:


Now, here is the current (October 6, 2016) main page of 'stop the Jew hatred on':

Following recent reports of anti-Semitic hate and incitement on Tennessee university campuses, Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN), has called on the State Legislature to conduct hearings into whether these unacceptable activities on Tennessee public university campuses are in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act

Palestinian student group accuses Israel of complicity in recent shootings of African-Americans by U.S. police.

My comment:
Jews on many college campuses have become an 'endangered species'. They are intimidated, humiliated and threatened simply because they are Jews. Often they are threatened and intimidated with impunity. 
Perhaps as a consequence of this hate, young college-age men and women are signing up for subsidized trips to Israel through the program, Birthright. They're coming here to this holy land to see for themselves what is the truth about Israel. 

As a result of these trips, many return home excited by the real Israel--the beauty, the freedom Arabs have, the freedom Jews have, the innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit they find here. 
Many of these young people want to return again to Israel--for good. They want to make aliyah. They want to be part of the excitement that's here. They want to be a part of what is Jewish.
BDS poisons college campus life. It infects America through the academy-inspired concept of 'intersectionality', through which Jews can be blamed for just about everything (Ziva Dahl, "Intersectionality and the bizarre world of hating Israel", observer, March 15, 2016). 

Your children and grandchildren feel the intensity of that infection. Many of them will leave America--to find a healthier place to live.
They will make aliyah. They will come to their Jewish homeland--Israel.

Will you come with them?

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