Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Watch: Sweden FM believes Abbas renounces violence

On December 4, 2015, there appeared on youtube a video of a formal interaction between Sweden's anti-Israel Foreign Minister (FM), Margot Wallstrom, and a pro-Israel Swedish Member of Parliament (MP), Kent Ekeroth. This video shows you what the Arab-Israel conflict looks like in the 21st Century.

For this 'debate'. the pro-Israel Ekeroth had asked the Swedish government what are its views of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Fatah (the Party that controls the PA) and Mahmoud Abbas (leader of Fatah and President of the PA). A second pro-Israel MP, Mathias Sundin, had asked the FM why she had not condemned Arab attacks against Jews in Israel. A third MP, Magnus Oscarsson, had asked if Sweden intended to support moderates in the PA. 

The debate begins. The FM states what she believes: she's against 'Palestinian' violence. She's against terror. She has already condemned Arab violence. 

Throughout this video, you will see the Swedish FM articulate the five basic elements of the West’s 21st Century peace-for-Israel mantra. In practical terms, however, these eloquent words are nothing more than dressed-up anti-Israel propaganda:

1.   Abbas and his government renounce terrorism (1:44, 2:08, 2:35 (by suggestion), 2:47, 10:48, 10:48 (repeated at this point twice in two consecutive sentences) and 11:23.

2.   Israel and ‘Palestine’ will live ‘side-by-side in peace and security (2:31, 3:17)

3.   Two states are the goal (3:11, 10:01)

4.   The violence between Arab-Jew is morally equivalent (suggested at 1:21-1:35, 8:32, 11:07)

5.   Sweden supports moderates in the PA (2:16)

At 3:30-7:20, MP Ekeroth gives his first response to the FM’s pro-peace assertions. 

Listen to how the FM answers MP Ekeroth at 7:25-11:40. You can judge for yourself if she answers Ekeroth’s questions. In my view, she does not.

Instead, she answers question Ekeroth hadn’t asked. She avoids answering his questions.

Like all pro-peace/anti-Israel advocates, she hides behind expressions of compassion (7:39). Instead of answering clear questions, she prefers to quote her own previous speeches (8:03-8:30).

She speaks in generalities. For example, instead of answering Ekeroth’s specific questions, she says Sweden is a friend of Israel (not one of Ekeroth’s questions) (9:43). Sweden is a friend of peace (10:1). The only way to achieve peace is through a peace process (10:13)—again, not answers to anything Ekeroth asked.

She does attempt to address Ekeroth’s questions. But when she does this, she announces that this isn’t the time to discuss interpretations and translations of what Abbas has said! (10:30).

This is exactly how pro-peace/anti-Israel advocates handle uncomfortable questions that do not conform with the narrative they are selling (that Israel is the aggressor). They refuse to answer those questions. 

At 11:51, Ekeroth gets to respond to the FM’s generalites. 

At the end of the video, the FM finally responds to Ekeroth’s having detailed specific Fatah Facebook and Twitter examples of official PA incitement to violence against Jews. She does this by attacking Ekeroth's knowledge (in debate, this is called, when you're losing, attack the person, not the facts): she says, “where Ekeroth gets his information from only god knows”.

Apparently, she’s never heard of the internet.

Here’s the video. If you want to watch just a 'quick' view, watch 3:30-7:30 and 11:51-15:54 and 20:30-25:20:

 The 21st Century: where the war against Israel is a war against truth; and yes, G-d knows where Ekeroth got his facts from: an NGO that tracks the Arab anti-Israel press and reports its findings on the internet--in detail, with sources cited by name and date.

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