Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015: the year that changed the world?

When the last history book is written, it may identify the year 2015 as ‘the year that changed the world’. If that turns out to be true, the catalyst for this change could be Islamic terror. If the world does change, Israel could become a hero. America and Europe could become 'the forgotten'.

2015 began with an Islamic terror attack in Paris, France. A Parisian satire magazine had published a cartoon lampooning the Islamic figure, Mohammed.  Angered by that representation, Islamic terrorists went into the offices of that magazine and machine-gunned just about everyone they saw, killing 12 (“Charlie Hebdo attack: Three days of terror”, BBC, January 14, 2015).

During 2015, Islamic terror attacks killed hundreds around the world. In 2015, Islamic terror has also killed more than 160 in the US and France (Karen Yourish, et al, “Recent Attacks Demonstrate Islamic State’s Ability to Both Inspire and Coordinate Terror”, InternationalNewYorkTimes, December 7, 2015). Clearly, Islamic terror has expanded beyond the Middle East (ibid).

2015 now ends with police across Europe on alert. They worry about a ‘New Year’s Day’ terror attack (Tom Whitehead and Allison Quinn, “European capitals on alert for New Year's Eve terror attack”,, December 28, 2015).

In America, a terror attack in San Bernardino, California in December killed more than a dozen. As a result of that Islam-inspired attack, the US moved swiftly to fight terror in the US. But the way the US did this was odd. US President Obama announced that, “Increasing gun control, rejecting Islamophobia are keys to combating terrorism” (Scott Johnson, “Annals of Inanity”, powerline, December 7, 2015).

It seemed a declaration of madness. Obama believes gun control is the best way to fight terror? He believes Islamophobia causes Islamic terror?

This Obama madness was no less insane than what Democrats in the US Congress have done. They’re preparing to end 2015 with their own terror-fighting suggestion: to criminalize criticism of Islam (Robert Spencer, “House Democrats move to criminalize criticism of Islam”, frontpagemag, December 29, 2015).

That’s insane because violent Islam is on the march. Criminalizing criticism of Islam will not stop future Islam-inspired violence. It will serve only to misrepresent—and possibly protect--the source of that violence.

Islam floods into Europe. It brings violence to Europe (Daniel Greenfield, “Muslim Migrants Increase Crime in Germany by 65%”, muslimstatistics, October 8, 2015).

The US is next. The Obama administration wants to open US borders to Muslim refugees (“US seeks steep ramp up of Syrian Muslim refugees coming to US”, jtfnews, September 20, 2015).

Is that smart? Last month, the US Pentagon warned Europe that ISIS killers were using Europe’s open-door refugee policy to sneak fighters undetected into Europe (Bill Gertz, “Joint Staff Warns Islamic State Terrorists Travel to Europe Unimpeded”, Washington Free Beacon, November 30, 2015). What makes the Obama administration think things will be different for the US?

Apparently, the US doesn’t accept that ISIS seeks to conquer America. The US doesn’t appear to understand that ISIS aims to complete that conquest through Islamic immigration, not guns or bombs (Daniel Greenfield, “Muslim Immigration is What ISIS Wants”, sultanknish, December 27, 2015).

Instead of fighting Islam-inspired terror, America smiles at Islam. It protects Islam (Michael Chapman, “Mark Levin: Obama Is ‘Trying to Protect’ Islam and ‘Is Seeking to Destroy Israel’”, cnsnews, February 11, 2015). It promotes Islam (Ben Shapiro, “6 Times The Obama Administration Said Its Job Was to Promote Islam”, breitbart, January 8, 2015).

Radical Islamic terror threatens the West (“ISIS leader al-Baghdadi threatens the West”, fojusi news, December 27, 2015). But for some, America’s Obama encourages radical Islam (Jesse Byrnes, “Cruz: Obama 'encourages radical Islamic terrorists'”, The Hill, January 12, 2015).

While America panders to Islam, Europe fears Islamic terror. It doesn’t have the infrastructure to fight that terror. It needs help. It knows exactly where to go to find that help—Israel.

As 2015 ends, ISIS publishes a declaration which the West sees: the only country ISIS fears is Israel (Abra Forman, “The Only Country ISIS Fears is Israel”, breakingIsraelnews, December 27, 2015). ISIS fighters say they aren’t afraid to fight US or UK ground troops. Those troops have little experience in city terrorist strategies. Israeli soldiers are different. They’ve got extensive experience in urban fighting. Israel is too strong for ISIS (ibid).

The US plays make-believe with Islam. It empowers Islam. By contrast, Europe is awash with Islam. It's already talking to Israel (Cynthia Blank, “Report: Israel helped thwart massive terror attack in Germany”, Arutz Sheva, November 25, 2015).

Europe’s fear could change the world’s attitudes towards Israel. Europe's need for help could make 2015 the year Israel’s position on the international stage changes--from outcast to saviour.

Europe could drive that transformation. But its inbred anti-Semitism will turn Europe against Israel even as Israel holds out a helping hand. In the end, Europe will pay a heavy price for that anti-Semitism. 

What will happen to America? Will America turn to Israel--or follow Europe's anti-Jewish lead? It will follow Europe's lead.

The G-d of Israel has a Story for you. It’s the Story of the Final Jewish Redemption. It's the Story of 2015, after which Israel becomes a hero on the international stage, while Europe and America tumble.

Will that really happen? 

Stay tuned. This movie isn’t over.  

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