Monday, August 3, 2015

Again--Jewish Israeli politicians demonize Jews

On Friday, July 31, 2015, fire in an Arab village near Ramallah killed an Arab baby and wounded four Arabs (Tova Dvorin, “Politicians Shocked at 'Jewish Terror': 'We Are at War'”, Arutz Sheva, July 31, 2015). The circumstances of the fire might suggest that Jews didn’t commit this attack (Hillel Fendel, “'Settler' Pays Troubling Condolence Visit to Arab Village”, Arutz Sheva, August 3, 2015). In addition, someone had scribbled Hebrew grafitti on a wall near or at the site of the fire—and one of the graffiti appeared to have Arabic calligraphic elements (ibid).

Nevertheless, before any investigation could be completed, politicians across Israel instantly condemned the attack as ‘Jewish terror’.  No one waited for evidence.

For example, Israel Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said, "The fire and the murder of the Palestinian toddler is an act of terrorism…We will not allow terrorists to take the lives of Palestinians" (ibid).

When was the last time Ya’alon declared, ‘we will not allow terrorists to take the lives of Jews’?  Can you remember?

Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid issued a fiery declaration. He said, "Whoever burns a Palestinian baby has declared war on Israel. Whoever attacks with a knife our youths at the Gay Pride [parade] has declared war on Israel…Whoever burns churches has declared war on Israel. Anyone who threatens to attack the Supreme Court with a D9 [bulldozer] has declared war on Israel…”

No one had actually threatened to attack the Supreme Court with a bulldozer. But a Member of Israel’s Knesset did recently say that a controversial High Court ruling to bulldoze several Jewish homes in a Samarian community suggests that bulldozers should be used a second time--to knock down the Supreme Court’s own building. Lapid called that a ‘war against Israel’.

These and other politicians were incensed at what they termed this ‘Jewish terror’. This ‘terrorism’, they said, had to be stamped out immediately.

They’ve rarely—if ever--spoken this way about Arab terror attacks against Jews. They’ve never railed this way against the Arab war to destroy Israel.

Zionist Union chairman and Opposition leader MK Yitzhak Herzog even called for security forces to “redouble and investigate the attack with all of its resources, including a wave of arrests and interrogations until the perpetrators are brought to justice" (ibid).

Arabs in a car fired shots at Jews travelling in their own car (Ari Yashar, “Arabs Conduct Drive-by Shooting in Apparent 'Revenge'”, Arutz Sheva, July 31, 2015). Less than an hour after that, Israel news reported that Arabs in Jerusalem’s Old City had thrown rocks and bottles at police, injuring one policeman (“Old City, Jerusalem: Arabs Attack Security Forces”, Arutz Sheva, July 31, 2015).

After these Arab attacks against Jews, no politicians in Israel declared, ‘whoever throws rocks at Jews declares war against Israel…whoever shoots at Jews declares war on Israel, etc. No politician called these Arab attackers terrorists. No politician in Israel demanded that security forces ‘redouble’ their efforts to catch the Arab perpetrators of these attacks. No politician in Israel dared to call for Israeli police to use ‘a wave of arrests and interrogations until the perpetrators are brought to justice’.

No Israeli politician would dare speak of Arab terror with such words. No one would dare call for mass arrests and/or interrogations of Arabs.

These Jewish leaders reserved such special words only for the Jews of Israel.

This is how politicians and police work in Israel: typically, when Arabs attack Jews, police and politicians are silent. They speak in neutral terms about of ‘an assault’ or ‘a stabbing’. Rarely will they speak of ‘Arab terror’.

 But when the rare Jewish attack unfolds against Arabs, you’d think the world had just ended. The horror and revulsion expressed by politicians, government Ministers, police and the media is beyond one’s imagination. The impression such rage gives seems to be, how dare Jews attack Arabs!

The impression they give is that Israel belongs to Arabs. The impression they give is that these Arab ‘owners’ of Israel must be defended at all costs against the fiendish Jew.

In Israel, Jews who attack Arabs almost always act alone. There is no organized, repeated incitement against Arabs. There are no calls to kill Arabs.

By contrast, Arabs who attack Jews are almost always incited to act by Arab politicians, clergy, media, social media, Arab-language school-books and after-school programs, including summer ‘camps’. Arabs attack Jews because the entire Palestinian Authority enterprise marinates in a swamp of vicious and unrelenting Jew-hate.

Israeli politicians rarely speak of this Jew-hate. The Israeli media rarely rails against it. They cry only when Arabs are harmed.

When it comes to the rare Jewish assault against Arabs, they don’t speak of ‘attacks’. They shout, 'Jewish terror'. They demonize Jews. They criminalize Jews even before evidence has been collected and processed.

They imitate the Jew-hating gentile world with great skill. They become better Jew-haters than the real Jew-haters.

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