Friday, December 13, 2013

Israel news summary: Abbas, and the PA vs NBC TV

Here’s a fresh look at some Israel news stories. Perhaps you can see how these headlines form patterns—and reveal truth.

Today’s summary comes from December 10-11, 2013.

 The war against Israel

- Dutch Report Blames Israel for PA Failures (12/11/13, Arutz Sheva)

- EU auditors say aid money to Gaza paid to non-workers (12/11/13, Jerusalem Post)

- PLO asks NBC to call off production of new TV show (12/10/13, The Times of Israel)

- Abbas Decorates Killer of 125 Israelis (12/11/13, Arutz Sheva)

On the day the world gave Nelson Mandela his final honour as a model of leadership and courage (December 10, 2013), Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas honoured his own true model for leadership and bravery. He gave a special award to the widow of a terrorist who was responsible for murdering 125 Israelis.

In a special ceremony, Abbas spoke of the slain killer Abu Jihad as “the model of a true fighter and devoted leader”. Abbas called this killer a man who played an “honourable national role” for his people.

It may have sounded like the eulogies for Mandela. But it wasn’t. It was a blood-curdling reminder of Abbas’ Jew-hate.

It makes one wonder. Why did Mandela support such people?

More to the point, why did Abbas give his ‘eulogy’ for a murderer on the same day the world heard speeches of praise for the moral hero Nelson Mandela? Abbas’ eulogy seemed to mock the Mandela eulogies.

Is this Mandela’s reward for praising the so-called ‘Palestinians’?

Mahmoud Abbas wasn’t the only one to mock morality during this news cycle. Two other stories of immorality cropped up.

The first of these stories (“Dutch Report Blames Israel for PA Failures”) came out as part of a report by a Dutch member of the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly. The report blames Israel for Palestinian democratic shortcomings. Among other absurdities, the Report appears to blame Israel for the failure of Fatah and Hamas to reconcile.

Actually, the Dutch may have a point. It is indeed Israel’s fault that these two Parties can’t reconcile.

Hamas wants to invade Israel immediately and kill every Jew it finds. Fatah wants to wait. It wants to see what it can squeeze from the West before it erases Israel from the map. The two just can’t agree who should go first.

It’s Israel’s fault, all right. So long as Israel exists, there’s a possibility that these two Parties will never agree.

Get it?

The second story didn’t exactly blame Israel for an Arab problem; it simply suggested that Israel should assume at least some responsibility to solve that problem.

It seems that the European Union (EU) has been sending money to the PA and Gaza, to help pay wages. The EU has been doing this since app 1994. The EU just now discovers that the Arabs have been paying people for work never done.  The EU now wonders what’s happened to some 1 billion Euro (“EU auditors say aid money to Gaza paid to non-workers”).

Apparently, the EU has believed so strongly in the innocence and morality of Hamas and the PA (they must have believed everything the Arabs told them), they didn’t bother reading persistent news headlines about rampant Arab corruption. They have been paying phantom wages for at least six years. In one instance, 90 workers of 125 at one place of employment were ‘phantom’: they had been paid; but they’d never shown up for work.

Now the EU wants a better-run program. They want to pressure Israel to help.

What does Israel have to do with Arab corruption? Why should the EU make Israel responsible for Arab behaviour?

There’s an expression, ‘all is fair in love and war’. That expression applies to the EU’s view of Israel; only, it’s not love the EU has in mind.

Finally, there is an irony in this news cycle. It’s too delicious to pass up.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has asked NBC TV (USA) to cancel a proposed Jerusalem-based TV mini-series. The series is to be a mystery set in the archaeologically rich Jerusalem dig-site called, City of David.

Archaeology is a problem for the PA. It doesn’t have any. All the digs in Israel focus on Israel—or long-extinct primitives who supposedly lived in Israel before Jews or anyone else came to Israel. Virtually every archaeology site offers proof that Jews lived here before anyone the PA calls, ‘Palestinian’.

Archaeology, in other words, helps validate Israel existence and hinders the PA’s anti-Israel war. Therefore, the PA wants NBC to cancel the project. The first reason the PA cites for its request is that “Such a production will legitimize the annexation of Jerusalem.”

Think about that. The PA fears that archaeology proves that Jerusalem is Jewish.

A TV program set in the Jewish City of David is offensive. It serves no good cause. It legitimizes the Jewish claim to Jerusalem. Therefore, the program must be cancelled.

What they are saying is, they can’t stand the truth. They are dedicated to a lie. The lie must be supported. The program must be axed.

Here’s the best part: the Arabs actually made this request with a straight face. They have no clue what their request reveals about them—or about the truth about Jerusalem.

When the world of lies is revealed, the world of Truth becomes visible.

Can you see Truth peeking out here?


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