Sunday, December 1, 2013

Israel: the monster that hunts you wants you silent

Today, a monster lurks in your TV—and on your computer. It hides. It waits.

It’s an octopus. But this octopus doesn’t seek its prey in water. It seeks its prey through you--your eyes and ears.

This monstrous octopus has independent arms. Each arm seems to operate alone, uninvolved with the others. But if you watch the monster closely, you’ll see that the tentacles work with one focus--Israel.

It wants to kill. It wants to devour Israel.

But to be successful, it needs your silence. Will you help?

Jihadists, Islamists, academicians, lovers of freedom and those who preach ‘peace’ seem independent of each other. Each appears focussed only on its own particular aims. But those aims are tentacles, not philosophic distinctions. They all have a singular focus—Israel.

These tentacles promote anti-Israel hate. They demonize Israel. Their accusations are like suckers. They grab you. They hold you. They help draw you in.

The process of drawing you in is seductive. It’s so gentle, you don’t notice what’s happening to you.  You don’t realize that, slowly, your views of Israel change.

You can’t see the subliminal message. You can’t hear it. But it’s there. It enters your unconscious. It whispers, Israel is evil.

The tentacles close around you. Gently, slowly, you start to wonder: how can I support Israel’s evil?

The Jihadist says that holy war against the Jew is the only solution to the ‘Palestinian problem’. Do you understand what that means? It means that peace is not the Arab’s solution to their conflict with Israel. Their solution is to kill Jews.

You don’t believe in killing. You don’t endorse mass murder. But when Jihadists demand it, you say nothing.

The monster grows bold from your silence.

The Islamist sings that Mohammed’s army will return to kill Jews—just as it did centuries ago when it massacred Jews in the ancient town of Khaybar. Do you understand what it means when Arabs sing this song during so-called ‘peace talks’ between Arab and Jew? It means that Arabs aren’t singing for peace. They sing to kill Jews.

But when these Islamists sing, you don’t stand up. You don’t complain. You don’t point out the evil hypocrisy of speaking simultaneously of ‘peace’ and murder.

The monster suckles on your silence. It grows strong from your silence.

Academicians call to boycott Israel. They want to ‘punish’ Israel until it releases ‘Palestine’ from its ‘apartheid’ grip.

You don’t believe Israel is an apartheid state. You’ve seen Arabs shopping in Jerusalem—free and unafraid.  Yet when you hear academics call Israel apartheid, you remain silent.

The monster pulls you in. It tightens its grip on your unconscious.

Lovers of freedom say they must join with ‘Palestinians’ against Israel because that is what justice requires. But when you read that ‘justice’ means that Israel must disappear, you remain silent.  

The monster moves closer. His mouth opens.

The suckers of hate find your heart. Silently, tentacles gather you in. You don’t notice how, slowly, you turn against Israel.  

Those who claim they seek ‘peace’ accuse Israel of being the only reason there is no peace. They carry signs that read, ‘For world peace, destroy Israel.’

You see the sign. But you remain silent. You do not protest. You do not stand up.

Soon, you will not be able to stand. The tentacles’ grasp will be too powerful. They will hold you too firmly. You will no longer see a reason to defend Israel.

You will sigh. You will say nothing. You will remain silent.

You will claim you don’t understand.  But the only question you will ask is, why does Israel hate peace?

You hear University professors—the teachers of your nearly- adult children—tell the lie that ‘Israel’ never once appears in UN Resolution 181—the UN resolution that created modern Israel (the word ‘Israel’ appears in 181 more than 20 times). You hear other professors spread the lie that the Israel War of Independence began when the Israeli army attacked defenseless Arabs in Palestine (Arab armies attacked Israel).

You hear ‘pro-Palestine’ speakers claim that Israeli doctors do unauthorized medical experimentation on Arab women. You hear that Jewish surgeons harvest organs from unsuspecting Arab patients (Israeli doctors commit no such crimes—but they do save sick and wounded Arabs).

You hear the accusations. Do you believe them?

You watch it all on TV. You see it on your computer. But you remain silent. You don’t even go online to search out what is true.

You do nothing.

Beware: there is a monster in your home. It is closer than you think. It is stronger than you realize.

Silently, it draws you in. Silently, you change—picture by picture, word by word, accusation after accusation.

As you change, you feel nothing. You see nothing. You sense nothing amiss until…

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