Sunday, May 26, 2013

Israel, the UN, and the arc of human history

Everyone knows that Iran wants a nuclear bomb. Everyone knows that Arabs want to remove Israel from the world map. But no one talks about Iran or Arabs as a threat to world peace.

They talk about Israel. Israel may be the target for annihilation, but the threat to peace is not the ‘bomb’ of Iran or the hate of the Arab. The threat is Israel—the intended victim.

This is not coincidence. History has been moving us to this point since World War Two—or earlier. Our past is parent to today’s drama.

History is strange. We live it. It’s all around us. But we don’t understand it. It doesn’t unfold on a single plane; it unfolds simultaneously on multiple planes until, at some point, those planes converge: the United Nations is formed out the ashes of a horrific world war against tyranny; the UN immediately initiates a drive to create peace-in-the-world so that Man can rid the world of the scourge of war; the state of Israel is formed; Islamic Arabs initiate a relentless war against Israel; militant Islam spreads aggressively to Europe; the desire for peace becomes so pervasive that world-wide movements for ‘peace’ and ‘justice’ grow strong;  Jews experience a world-wide religious revival and begin to populate Jewish ancestral homeland in Israel; Jihadists attack America and put Islam in the spotlight; a new President of the United States begins an aggressive campaign to sell Islam as a ’religion of peace’; Leftists who want ‘justice and peace’ and Jihadists who want the land of Israel join together to destroy Israel for ‘peace’; and finally, Israel is pressured to yield—for peace-- to Arab demands even as an Arab official says he would nuke Israel immediately if he had ‘the bomb’.

 As hate and peace converge on Israel, the arc of history begins to come into focus. We can see how intense is the desire for peace—and how vicious is the hate against Israel.  

Since World War Two, a new code of International Law has developed. This new code, focused on ‘peace’, creates a new argument--and legal force--against the Jewish state: after World War Two, Jews from a war-torn Europe flooded ‘illegally’ into ‘Palestine’.  A few years later, 1948, these Jews, outsiders to ‘Palestine’, declared their own state, ‘illegally’ taking Arab land to do so. Since then, Israel has ‘illegally’ expanded its borders through war. Therefore, virtually everything Israel has done since its inception is illegal.

The defenders of International Law believe there can never be peace when such ‘illegality’ exists.

The UN (mentor for world law-and-order) has not yet decided to unmake this allegedly illegal Israel. But a UN agency now prints maps with ‘Palestine’ in place of Israel. The message cannot be any clearer: the United Nations would join with the Arab to anticipate a future without ‘Israel’.

The British Leftist Jenny Tonge has been quoted as saying that the single greatest obstacle to world peace is terrorism—and Israel causes that terrorism. Her inference is clear: to destroy the greatest obstacle to world peace, destroy the cause of terrorism.

For world peace, destroy Israel.

Since the UN has condemned Israel more times than all other nations combined, a world without Israel makes sense.  World peace without Israel certainly sounds good to a lot of people: Humanists, atheists, Leftists, academicians and many human rights organizations. It also sounds good to Muslims.

Muslims may have actually been the first to promote Israel as the obstacle to peace. Article 22 of the PLO/Fatah Charter declares that peace will come when the Zionist presence is destroyed. That was written in 1968. Does the world now sing the same song?

Christian leaders might sing that song.  In the last three years, several Christian denominations have described Israel as illegal, unjust and immoral. The Church of Scotland has most recently attempted to invalidate the Jewish religion itself.

Together, Muslims, Christian leaders, atheists and Humanists add up to a world majority—as much as two-thirds of the world’s 7 billion people.  How many are anti-Israel?

That’s an important question because at the UN, the majority rules. Muslims alone make up more that twenty-five per cent of the UN. Do other nations join them against Israel? How many believe that the closer Iran gets to a nuclear bomb, the more dangerous Israel becomes to world peace?

Many seem eager to remove Israel from the world map. Now, even the leader of Man’s drive for world peace and justice—the UN—appears to support that call.

Man’s message is clear: it doesn’t matter if Israel is G-d’s beloved (the Song of Songs). Man is in charge, not G-d; and to prove it, Man rejects what G-d loves.

The planes of history converge: the UN versus Israel; Man versus G-d.

The arc of history pulls the world to the G-d of Israel. Are you surprised?


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