Sunday, May 26, 2019

The real Palestinian story you may have missed

Take a look at the video below. It tells a story of Gaza and the Palestinian Authority.   

Beware: this story could frighten you. It might force you to re-think what you believe. It might force you to change. 

Can you handle that?   

The point-of-view in this video is different. It isn't one most pundits on the Middle East want you to see. It's certainly nothing you'll find in what's commonly called, mainstreammedia

This video tells a story that doesn't conform to the Palestinian Narrative so many in the West report to you. You will not see in this video that Palestinians are victims and Israel is the oppressor. This video has no connection whatsoever to the conventional, anti-Israel 'wisdom' you see every day about the Arab-Israel conflict.

But then, this is exactly why you should watch this video. It tells a story you've probably missed.

This video was prepared under the direction of Pierre Rehov, who is known mostly for his work creating documentary films. This short film appeared on youtube May 5, 2019. It's relatively long--16 minutes. But it's worth your time (if you don't want to watch the full video, just watch the first 3:30 minutes. Can you afford three-and-a-half minutes?): 

The next time you listen to Mahmoud Abbas, Boycott advocates or other assorted anti-Israel louts slam Israel or promise that the Palestinian Authority is absolutely committed to 'staying the course' against Israel, think about this film. It could explain why Abbas and his cronies haven't given Palestinians a peace deal. 

Conflict with Israel has become simply too profitable to the Palestinian elite. What, you want these Palestinians to give up their Mercedes and their mansions?

The next time you hear about 'Israeli oppression', think about this short film.  Who's oppressing whom? 

You've heard repeatedly, ad nauseum, about 'Israel-the-oppressor'. But what about the Palestinians themselves? Are Palestinian leaders truly corrupt enough to oppress their own people for personal gain? Could they be that cynical, that corrupt?

Watch the video. Then answer those questions for yourself.

Go back to the video: who lives in the mansions and modern castles you've just seen? Who drives those expensive cars? Who, exactly, shops in those expensive malls, or frequents those expensive hotels?

More important, what has happened to the billions the Palestinian Authority receives from the world and the UN? Is it truly possible that the 'Palestinian elite' makes its living begging for international aid--so as to line their own pockets?

Go back to the film. Look at how the elite lives. Look at how the rest live. Where's the money for that lifestyle come from?

This video might suggest why Palestinian leaders have no interest in changing what they see as their private, golden goose--easily duped 'humanitarian-minded' Westerners who ship billions in aid to Palestinian leaders because, you know, the Palestinian people are so 'oppressed'.

 Really? Perhaps it's closer to the truth to suggest that if so many Palestinians stopped skimming so much from that aid, the rest of the Palestinian people would be less oppressed.

Actually, if you want to know who's driving the oppression of the Palestinian people, forget Israel. Go back to the video. Israel is not the number-one-only cause of Palestinian suffering in the Palestinian Authority and Gaza (watch at 13:36-14:33). 

Ask about the money that flows into Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Ask about how the office of the President creates its own  anti-Palestinian brutality. Ask about the elite families. Ask about the corruption.

Who's primarily responsible for Palestinian oppression, misery and suffering? Not Israel.

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