Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Advice for Abbas about Israel--from someone who should know

Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas has an obsession with the Jewish Israel. He wants to get rid of it. He wants to replace it with a Muslim state. He can't wait to make that exchange.

We know he wants to do this because his Palestinian Authority (PA) keeps publishing maps of his new Arab Muslim 'Palestine'. His map always shows the same imagined goal: 'Palestine' replaces Israel. 

Here's the 'Palestinian' map:

Image result for Sweden approves borders of ‘Palestine’ with Israel erased
from: Ilya Meyer, " Sweden approves borders of 'Palestine' with Israel erased", timesofisarael, December 3, 2014)

The plaque this woman holds shows the exact shape of modern Israel. But on this plaque--and on all other PA maps of 'Palestine'--the image presented isn't Israel. It's Abbas' Muslim 'Palestine'. 

Check online for the map of Israel. Israel is the shape you see above. 

But on this plaque, you don't see anything marked, 'Israel'. The image above is a picture of Israel being renamed.

This woman here isn't holding an Israeli flag along with this image. She's holding a 'Palestinian' flag for this image of 'Palestine'. 

Abbas' 'Palestine' is meant to replace the Jewish Israel. Every 'Palestinian' knows this. 

The map in the picture above does not suggest a two-state solution. It doesn't show two states for two peoples living side-by-side in peace and security (the West's mantra since George Bush One for ending the Arab-Israel conflict). Instead, this map suggests a one-state solution--an Arab state in place of the Jewish state.

That isn't a sign of peace. It's an image of Islamic conquest. 

Palestinians are obsessed with this goal. Abbas promotes it. He can't turn away from it.

Here's some advice for Abbas from one who knows all about becoming obsessed with attacking the Jewish people. Yes, this particular advice is pure fakery. But it's fakery with a point.

It's fictitious advice to Abbas from the ancient Pharaoh of Egypt--the Pharaoh of the Jewish story of Exodus from Egyptian slavery. This advice comes for the satire site, preoccuppiedterritory. It has no date, but I retrieved it before my computer began to freeze up during the last week of December, 2017. I've heavily edited this 'advice' to fit my format:

We Ancient Egyptians Could Have Warned You About Trying To Drive Jews Into The Sea

By Pharaoh
Not that I expect the Arabs of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries CE to take my advice, but back in 1948 I’d have counseled against attacking the nascent Zionist state. My cavalrymen and I could have told you what happens when you attempt to push the Jewish people into the sea.
Now, it’s true our two conflicts against the Jews are different in many ways. But several similarities should have alerted the Syrians, Jordanians, and the heirs to my once-great civilization, the Egyptians, not to get too ambitious about attacking Israel.
For one thing, in both modern and ancient cases, our problems began when we refused to accept the power of the Jewish G-d. You refuse to respect that, you'll end up feeling entitled to keeping Jews close only to have them do your bidding. The Jews wanted then--and in 1948--to establish their own land. We said, no. We responded with violence, we ancient Egyptians and twentieth-century Arabs. We attacked the Jews to destroy them.

That didn't work. We lost, disastrously.

A big problem is, you won’t see any soul-searching going on among either the ancient Egyptians or 20th/21st century Arabs. You will notice that my scribes and historians went light on the negative aspects of my rule. They  preferred instead to dwell on my successes only. This neglect of reality might seem familiar to modern-day Arabs. To put it mildly, modern Arab culture, like mine so long ago, discourages any thought of accepting blame for failures. We get into trouble because our cultures reject any honest appraisal of what we do wrong.

We ancients and moderns are kindred spirits: the modern Arabs are not the first Arabs to grab the opportunity to miss an opportunity. I had multiple chances to Let His People Go. But each time, I chose to give my pride priority over intelligent decision-making.

That was a grand mistake--and it's being repeated again. Imagine the prosperity, serenity, and grace that would characterize a Middle East in which I, the great Pharaoh, had endorsed the freedom and sovereignty of Israel; imagine the prosperity, stability, and advancement in the Arab Middle East if only modern Arabs had embraced the reassertion of Jewish sovereignty in 1948.
But you go ahead and keep trying to drive the Jews into the sea. As you do that, stay in touch. Let My People Know how that’s working out for you.

Does this ancient 'Pharaoh' offer Abbas good advice? Yes,  he does. Will Abbas listen? No, he won't. 

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