Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Israel: an inconvenient--and very ugly--truth

Beware: the video below is not politically correct. It is awful.

If you insist that all you read or watch must conform with the dictates of 'correctness'--as defined by the Left--do not start this video. You will be offended. Very offended.

The video below is by Pat Condell. If you are not familiar with Pat Condell, do not worry. By the time you finish viewing this video, you will know just about everything you probably need to know to understand his feelings about the point of this video--Israel.

The video is titled, "Why I support Israel". It was first published June 18, 2014. 

Take a look at it. Can you see why I post it ?

It's just over six minutes long:

This video may be three years old. But it seems as fresh today as it was back in June, 2014. There's a reason for that freshness: if the rise of anti-semitism worldwide is any indicator, Jew-hate may be stronger today than it was in 2014. 

Israel faces an existential threat. Many millions lust to destroy it. Many more millions lust to see that destruction occur.

Those many, many millions brag about their anti-Israel lust. They are more than  happy to celebrate anyone who kills a Jew because of that lust. They call for ever-more Jew-killing.

But those who support Israel are not celebrated. They're demonized. Pat Condell is one of those demons. 

Condell is no saint. He dislikes many things. He dislikes religion. I don't agree with that. 

But I agree with his support of Israel. I believe he speaks the truth about Jew-hate--and about the hate of the Jewish state. I believe he's right to support Israel.

What do you believe?

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