Friday, June 9, 2017

Cartoon Friday: BDS vs Wonder Woman (the movie)

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement is world-wide movement--at least in the Western world.  It's dedicated to the destruction of Israel. 

BDS Movement personnel don't tell you that. They only say they seek 'justice'. They want you to wage economic war against Israel--you know, 'for justice'. 

But as one leading anti-Israel advocates (Norman Finkelstein) has suggested, 'justice' is not the goal of BDS (Rachel Hirshfeld, "Finkelstein: BDS Movement is a cult", arutzsheva, February 15, 2012). He suggests that we know the real goal of BDS is to destroy Israel because, if  the nations of the world did exactly what BDS wants, the end result would be no more Israel (ibid).

The film, Wonder Woman, is also a world-wide affair. It's just opened in the US, Canada, UK, Brazil, China, Korea and Mexico. It'll open in Germany and Japan later this summer. 

Wonder Woman, is a fictional adventure story. It's also a major blockbuster movie. That means several things:

-it's extremely popular;
-it's made a ton of money quickly;
-it captures the movie-goers' demand for filmed adventure; 
-it's the most 'tweeted' film in 2017 (through June 7-8, 2017).

Wonder Woman opened Friday, June 2, 2017. Through June 7, 2017, the film has grossed over $130 million in the US,  and more than $260 million world-wide. That's the primary reason it's called a 'blockbuster': it's a bona fide moneymaker. 

This movie has been so 'big', it's already captured several 'firsts':

-It had the biggest domestic opening of all-time for a female director;
-it's the biggest DC Comics release without Batman or Superman;
-it's the biggest debut ever for this first weekend-in-June slot; 
-it's the the sixth-biggest non-sequel comic book superhero debut ever;
-its three-day opening made it the biggest-grossing female-led comic book superhero film ever; 
-it's the biggest film set in World War I;
-it's the first female-directed adventure movie with a female Israeli (Gal Gadot) playing the lead role.

For BDS, Wonder Woman is a perfect target for boycott. The feature star is not just Israeli--she's an Israeli who served in the IDF (Israel Defense Force). So far, BDS efforts have convinced Lebanon and--possibly--Tunisia--to  block/ban the film because of its 'Israel' connection ("Wonder Woman", wikipedia).

For today's cartoon, here's one cartoonist's look at how BDS does when it goes up against Wonder Woman:

from: Asher Schwartz, jewishpress, June 1, 2017

Perhaps one morning soon we will read that a BDS picketer outside a theater playing Wonder Woman threw his BDS poster aside and paid to see the movie. That's one news story I'd enjoy.

Do cartoons come true?

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