Monday, May 8, 2017

Apparently, there are too many Jews in Norway

Norway has a problem. This problem is so bad, one of that nation's leading political parties feels that legislation is necessary to protect Norway from it.

The problem is not pollution. It isn't climate change. It isn't crime. It isn't terrorism. It's Jews.

Norway has perhaps 5.2 million people. But there are, apparently, too many Jews mixed into this 5.2 million. We know this because Norway's Progressive Party--one of two that rule Norway--has just successfully passed legislation against those Jews. 

This new legislation would ban the Jewish rite called, circumcision (Hana Levi Julian, "Norway again mulls circumcision ban on baby boys", jewishpress, May 7, 2017). All that has to happen to turn this legislation into law is for it to be approved by the full Parliament (ibid).  

For Jews, circumcision is a big deal. It's a commandment that is so central to the practice of Judaism that Judaism would disappear without it. The Greeks and Romans, both of whom wanted to end Judaism, knew this--and at times sought to outlaw it (Julian, ibid). In Norway, one Jewish leader has said, without circumcision, Jews "would cease to exist" (Lars Bevanger, "Male circumcision row in secular Norway", dw, April 30, 2014).

He's right. The fastest way to reduce the number of Jews in your community is to ban circumcision. Simply put, Jews typically do not stay where such a ban exists. Such a ban means that Jews cannot practice their faith, period. Therefore, they leave.

Norway is a curious place to try to push out Jews. After all, it's not like Jews make up a major portion of Norway's population. They don't. The number of Jews there is minuscule. 

Here are the numbers of Jews that so concern Norway's Progressive Party that legislation must be passed to 'stop' them: 

-According to the World Jewish Congress: 1,200, including perhaps 250 Israelis, many of whom may not be Norwegian citizens ("Community in Norway", worldjewishcongress, no date, retrieved May 8, 2017). 

-According to official Norway statistics: 779 ("Religious communities and life stance communities, 1 January 2016",, January 1, 2016).

This is no joke. There is a move afoot in Norway to pass a law to ban a key religious rite against 779-1,000 Jews--a ban historically linked to destroying a Jewish community.

Legislator time and energy is consumed because of the religious rituals of perhaps 1,000 people? Don't Norwegians have anything better to do? 

No, they don't. To them, they're doing what's important.

Jew-hate: it's not just for so-called 'Palestinians'.

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