Wednesday, December 21, 2016

In a world of lies about Israel, here are some facts

Lies about Israel are easy to find. They're everywhere.

Here are some examples, some of which just appeared (yet again) in the news:


Now, let's take a look at some facts about Israel. These facts come in a video, "68 facts you probably didn't know about Israel". It comes to you from Zed films. It was first published on youtube May 9, 2016. it's 6:18 minutes:

Here's something to think about: first, Israel may well be the world's leader in practical humanitarianism. It probably does more to help humanity, particularly during disaster, than any other country. If it's not the best at helping in a disaster, it might be the fastest to set up--and the very best when it comes to world-class disaster hospital care.

Israel's list of life-saving innovations is, arguably, second to none.

Israel's high-tech expertise ranks, possibly, second in the world--even though it has only 8 million people.

Why does all this matter to you? It matters because Apartheid, oppressive, brutal regimes don't 'do' practical humanitarianism. What they do is oppression.

It's a rule of history: brutality and humanitarian actions don't exist in the same place. That means that if Israel is what you are told it is--brutal--then it can't be a world-class water superpower or a start-up nation or 

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