Thursday, May 26, 2016

France wants peace?

Everybody wants peace for Israel. We know that's true because there have been so many peace proposals pushed at Israel. In fact, there have been something like 13 peace proposals presented to Israel over the last 96 years (see below).  

Israel has accepted almost every one of those peace offers. One might even argue that Israel had been willing to accept every one of those 13 previous proposals. 

Israel has been so positive about these proposals for reason. It wants peace--period.

But there's no peace in the Middle East. The reason is simple. The Arabs have rejected every one of these proposals. 

They don't want peace. They don't want Israel.

Now, it's May, 2016. We're about to see yet another 'peace' attempt (Eldad Benari, "Erekat claims Kerry will attend French peace summit" Arutz Sheva, May 17, 2016). 

We know this latest attempt will fail because we've been to this 'movie' before. Here's a list of those previous 'peace movies'. It presents a perfect record of Arab rejection.

The list comes from a reader comment from a recent news article. Some of you may not accept every entry. But I think a case can be made for each one.

Check it out:

1920, San Remo conference, rejected
1922, League of Nations decisions, rejected
1937, Peel Commission proposals, rejected
1947, UN General Assembly proposal, rejected
1948, Israel's stretched out hand for peace, rejected
1967, Israel's stretched out hand for peace, rejected
1978, Begin/Saadat peace proposal, rejected
1995, Rabin's peace, rejected
2000, Barak/Clinton peace offer, rejected
2005, Sharon's peace gesture, rejected
2008, Olmert/Bush peace offer, rejected
2009, Netanyahu's call for direct peace talks, rejected
2014, Kerry's Peace, rejected

Arab nations in the Middle East have always been consistent. They've never waivered. They've never changed. They will not accept a Jewish sovereign state in the land of Israel--ever. 

They have never shown any interest in doing that. They show no interest in doing it now.

What makes France think the Arabs will change their minds now? What evidence exists to suggest that Mahmoud Abbas--the leader of the so-called 'Palestinian Authority'--is finally ready to live side-by-side in peace and security with Israel?

He isn't. He doesn't want to live next door to Israel. He wants to replace Israel. Look at the 'Palestinian' logo. It shows Israel renamed as the Arab 'Palestine'. 

If France really want peace, they would do better to tell the Arabs that gaining peace is completely their responsibility. France should tell the Arabs that if the so-called 'Palestinians' put down their arms today there'd be peace tomorrow. France should also declare that if Israel put down its arms today, there'd be no Israel tomorrow. France should then tell the Arabs they will not allow that to happen.

If peace is the goal here for France, this is the only way they'll do it, by telling the Arabs to stop trying to replace Israel. 

France will never do that. 

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