Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Israel, the UN, Hamas and Holocaust Day

Tonight after dark begins Yom HaShoah in Israel—the Holocaust Remembrance Day. It’s a solemn day. It’s a day we remember when Jew-hate led to the murder of six million simply because they were Jewish.

Tomorrow should also be the moment we think about our world today. Is our world different from Nazi Germany, 1933?

You’ll probably say, yes, our world is very different. You’ll say, look at the United Nations. It was born out of the ashes of World War Two. It was created to prevent another world war. It was created to protect peoples from hate, oppression and mass murder.

Some will say we are lucky to have the UN to protect us. Others will say we need the UN because the Jewish state has become the new Nazi.

They say Israel refuses to sign a peace agreement with the Hamas-Fatah unity government. They say the Jewish Israel acts as Nazis towards Hamas, Gaza the Palestinian Authority and its population. Some even say that Israel actually created Hamas in order to avoid peace (David Livingston, “Israel Created Hamas to Avoid Peace”, henryMakow .com, July 30, 2014).

Hamas, on the other hand, is better than Israel. It, at least, talks about peace (“Hamas leader accuses Israel of killing peace process”, BBC, April 1, 2015).

In fact, some say that Hamas does more than talk. It works to create a culture of peace for its children. It works with the United Nations.

What could be better for peace than working with the United Nations? The United Nations is the citadel of peace. It dedicates itself to pursue peace. Its Charter is all about peace.

In Gaza, the United Nations promotes peace by educating young Gazans. The United Nations does this in Gaza through UNRWA—the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.

 Hamas works closely with UNRWA. Through UNRWA schools, Hamas educates and trains its youth to understand the Zionist state (Israel). In a moment, you’ll see how successful Hamas and the UN have been in their joint educational venture.

But first, please remember that tomorrow is Israel’s Holocaust Day. This day was created to remember how six million Jews were murdered simply because they were Jews.

Now, take a look at a video about Hamas and the United Nations. This video highlights how Hamas works with the UN to educate its youth.

Does this video illustrate how the UN prepares the world to deal today with the Jewish Israel? Watch the video. Then decide. Then remember that this video tells you what Holocaust Remembrance Day is really all about:
(Note: I've had trouble uploading the video; please click below to go to the video).

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