Friday, March 27, 2015

The nations, Amalek, 'Palestine', Israel and Netanyahu

The 2015 Israel election is over. Benjamin Netanyahu has won. He prepares to form a new ruling coalition. No one knows yet whom he will choose.

Nevertheless, the nations agree: Netanyahu’s victory causes international dismay (Daulat Pane/Ani Hasanah, “The victory of Netanyahu gets tough reaction from international community” Voice of Indonesia, March 20, 2015).

The nations agree: it must criticize, demonize and attack Netanyahu’s win—immediately (Ian Black, “Binyamin Netanyahu victory causes international concern”, The Guardian, March 18, 2015).

The nations agree: the time for being patient with Israel is over. The gloves have to come off (Rebecca Shimoni Stoil, “After Netanyahu win, Obama takes off the gloves, Times of Israel, March 19, 2015).

Arab opinion-makers trashed Netanyahu’s victory (Daoud Kuttab, “Don’t be Fooled by Netanyahu’s Upcoming Charm Offensive”, Al Jazeera, March 20, 2015). The nations agree: They won’t be fooled. Netanyahu must be punished (Cynthia Blank, “Obama Lays Down Punishment on Netanyahu”, Arutz Sheva, March 19, 2015).

The week before this election, the Palestinian Authority yet again portrayed all of Israel as the property of the Muslim ‘Palestine’ (“PA portrays all Israel as ‘Palestine’”, Palestine Media Watch, March 13, 2015). The nations ignored the obvious anti-peace content of such a portrayal. They simply agreed: it’s time for Israel to surrender to its enemies (“World Presses Netanyahu after Upset Election Win, Arutz Sheva, March 19, 2015).  

-France declared that Israel has to make peace with the ‘Palestinians’ (Elad Benari, “France Calls for Peace Talks Based on Two-State Solution”, Arutz Sheva, March 19, 2015). It ignored Palestinian Jew-hate.

-The EU has called again for Israel (not the Palestinian Authority) to restart peace talks (“EU calls for relaunch of Israeli-Palestinian peace process as Likud wins election”, DW, March 18, 2015). The EU demanded nothing from the Palestinians.

-US President Obama hinted that the time may have come to stop supporting Israel altogether at the UN (Moshe Cohen, “Politico: US May 'Dump' Israel at UN, International Forums”, Arutz Sheva, March 19, 2015). Obama said nothing about Palestinian responsibilities for achieving peace.

If the nations feared G-d, they wouldn’t attack Israel. Instead, they’d pressure the Arabs who want to destroy the homeland of G-d’s beloved. They’d be careful with Israel. They’d be afraid to incur G-d’s wrath by attacking His treasure.

But the nations don’t fear G-d. They scorn G-d. They choose the terrorist over the Jew. They prepare to isolate and criminalize Israel (“'Violence extremely high': EU report slams Israel for settlement building in Jerusalem”, rt .com, March 21, 2015).

The nations agree: when it comes to Israel, they will follow Amalek.

When Amalek attacked the Jews in the Biblical desert (Devarim, 25:17-19), it sought to destroy the Jewish nation. Its attack was, specifically, an act of defiance against G-d (Rashi, ibid).

Today, the hate of Amalek spreads like a plague: G-d’s beloved must be erased.

The nations even know how to make sure Israel is indeed erased. They demand the creation of the state of ‘Palestine’.

Do you know that recognizing ‘Palestine’ as a state means erasing Israel?

Take a look at a ‘Palestinian-approved’ map of their proposed state. It’s a map you may have seen before. is a picture of Hillevi Larsson. She is a Member of Parliament in Sweden’s extremist Social Democratic-led government.

This picture comes from a story in the Times of Israel (Ilya Meier, “Sweden approves borders of ‘Palestine’ with Israel erased”, December 3, 2014).  The plaque in this picture is the map of the proposed ‘Palestine’. Take a close look at the outline of that new state. Do you recognize the outline?

It’s the outline of today’s Israel. The plaque, by the way, comes from the Palestinian Association Malmo, Sweden—a gift to the woman pictured for her success in getting Sweden to ‘recognize’ ‘Palestine’. It (the plaque) tells a simple truth: ‘Palestine’ intends to replace today’s Israel.

That plaque pictures the dream of Amalek.

Amalek descended from Edom. The West has descended from Edom.

Edom married one of Yishmael’s daughters.

Edom, Amalek and Yishmael are all related. Together, they share a common dream: to destroy their hated foe, Yaacov the Jew.

Now, hand-in-hand, they play out Edom’s Biblical obsession: to eradicate Yaacov.

Intuitively, through Edom’s DNA, the nations understand the obsession. They will do their part.

They will vote to give ‘Palestine’ its statehood. Then, ‘Palestine’ will declared its borders—the borders you see in the picture above.

Then, the vote complete, Edom will celebrate. With the help of his son Amalek and father-in-law Yishmael, he will be closer than ever before to erasing Yaacov.  

There’s just one problem: Netanyahu’s victory gets in the way. He opposes Edom’s success. He refutes Edom’s obsession. He rejects Edom’s dream.

He will not accept what the nations desire. He will fight Israel’s enemies.

Is that why the nations are so dismayed he won?


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