Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Urban Islamic terror--and you

If you work to assure that your country ignores those committed to destroying your country, you build for yourself a road to Hell. By refusing to confront those who attack you, you ignore the reasons behind those attacks. By ignoring the reasons behind the attacks, you give a free hand to tyrants to tyrannize until they take over.

Then where are you?

The West is committed to the road to Hell. The West seems completely committed to ignoring the Islamic assault against democracy. Personally, I don’t know if Islam is a religious of peace or a religion of something else. I can’t say. All I know is, the specific tyranny that threatens us always comes with,  ’allah akhbhar’.

Allah akhbhar means, essentially, Islam.

We can’t talk about an Islamic threat without being accused of being ‘Islamophobic’.  We can’t call Islamic Jihadists ‘terrorists’. We can’t acknowledge that Britain and France have Islamic enclaves which have become, for all intents and purposes, ‘no-go zones’ for police.

According to a new essay, (Robert Spencer, “No No-Go Zones? Really?”, front page mag, January 20, 2015), the Left in America is celebrating today. The American Left is a leader in the battle to keep the words, ‘Islamic terrorists’ out of the public eye. They celebrate because Fox News--not a Leftist stronghold—has been forced to ‘apologize’ for referring to some Muslim neighbourhoods  in Europe as ‘no-go zones’.

“Fox Report host Julie Banderas stated: Over the course of this last week we have made some regrettable errors on air regarding the Muslim population in Europe, particularly with regard to England and France. Now, this applies especially to discussions of so-called ‘no-go zones,’ areas where non-Muslims allegedly aren’t allowed in and police supposedly won’t go” (ibid).

The apology went on to say that there are no officially designated ‘no-go zones’ in Britain or France. There are also no areas which officially exclude individuals based solely on their religion.

The Fox statement continued: There are certainly areas of high crime in Europe as there are in the United States and other countries — where police and visitors enter with caution. We deeply regret the errors and apologize to any and all who may have taken offense, including the people of France and England (ibid).

That’s right. Islamic crime, coercion and brutality don’t exist.

One American newspaper chortled that “Fox News admits ‘no-go zones’ are fantasy” (ibid).  The New York Times declared, “Fox News Apologizes for False Claims of Muslim-Only Areas in England and France” (ibid).

Clearly, the Left would have you believe that ‘no-go zones’ don’t exist. But the Left is wrong. In Britain, France, Sweden and other countries, there are Muslim areas which local police and/or journalists call ‘no-go zones’.

For example, as writer Spencer points out (above), “Newsweek, hardly a conservative organ, reported in November 2005 that, ‘according to research conducted by the government’s domestic intelligence network, the Renseignements Generaux, French police would not venture without major reinforcements into some 150 ‘no-go zones’ around the country–and that was before the recent wave of riots began on Oct. 27, [2005]” (ibid).

Spencer’s point is simple: “The police wouldn’t venture into these areas without major reinforcements in 2005. Does anyone really think that the situation has improved in the intervening years?” (ibid).

In fact, reports of these Islamic ‘no-go zones’ in Europe have appeared for years. For example, in November last year, PatroitsBillboard reported that police in Sweden had ceded control to Islamist ‘gangs’ in many neighbourhoods (“Muslims take over 55 neighborhoods where police are afraid to go in Sweden”, November 3, 2014). The report called these ceded areas, ‘no-go zones’.

Last year, 2014, we saw ‘no-go zones’ on the website, sheikyermami.com (“No-Go’ Zones, soon coming to a neighbourhood near you…..”, January 11, 2014). The website described these ‘no-go zones’ as areas that “have been formed by Muslims using ‘ethnic cleansing’ harassment tactics” (ibid).

In 2013, Arutz Sheva reported that there are areas in the Dutch capital, The Hague, which have become  “orthodox Muslim territory” into which not even the Dutch police dare venture (“If It Happened in the Hague, It Can Happen Anywhere”, June 10, 2013). The situation there had become so bad that “Dutch judges ordered the authorities to release to the public a list of 40 "no-entry" zones” (ibid).

Remember, Fox News last week felt forced to apologize for referring to ‘no-go zones’. French officials criticized Fox for using that term (Spencer, above). But in 2012, The Jewish Press published, “France’s ‘No-Go’ Zones: Where Non-Muslims Dare Not Tread”, August 28, 2012). That essay described Muslim-controlled ‘crime districts’ in France where lawlessness reigned (ibid). These ‘no-go zones’ were now (in 2012) being labelled by French authorities as ‘Priority Security Zones’.

These ‘Priority Security Zones’ just happened to ‘coincide’ with Muslim neighborhoods that previous French governments had termed ‘Sensitive Urban Zones’—which, it turned out, were also "no-go" zones for French police (ibid).

The French have been wrestling with these ‘no-go zones’ for years. The French are very much aware of the criminal and Muslim ‘content’ of these zones. But they objected to Fox’s coverage. They “objected to claims that these areas were outside their control” (Spencer, ibid). Fox had to apologize.

 In 2011, The Gatestone Institute published “European 'No-Go' Zones for Non-Muslims Proliferating” (Gatestone Institute, August 22, 2011). This essay reported that Islamic extremists had been stepping up the creation of "no-go" areas in European cities that are off-limits to non-Muslims (ibid). That same month, Front Page Mag published, “The Rise of Islamic No-Go Zones” (August 31, 2011). This essay began with the comment that, in 2008, “one of the Church of England’s most senior bishops, Pakistani-born Michael Nazir-Ali, warned that Islamic extremists had created “no-go” areas across Britain too dangerous for non-Muslims to enter” (ibid). That comment—like last week’s Fox comment-- sparked a torrent of denial and criticism. The essay then went on to document how those ‘no-go zones’ were, in fact, real: all across Europe, “the story is the same: Islamic supremacists refuse to assimilate into the Western melting pot; instead they carve out a foothold in a neighborhood, and then, through intimidation or outright violence, push out the infidels whose failed secular values are no longer acceptable. Even public services such as police, firefighters and ambulances are often driven out of such neighborhoods with stones, bottles or bullets” (ibid).

In 2009, EuropeNews published, “Danish Psychologist: “The one thing Muslim immigrants fear is being deported” (December 9, 2009). The essay discussed Muslim ‘no-go areas’ where even police would not venture (ibid).

In 2006, Militant Islam Monitor reported that Islamic militants were terrorizing citizens in Dutch neighbourhoods (“Islamist target evicted by residents of building in Holland - terrorists use apartments and neighborhoods as HQ's unhindered”, May 4, 2006). Radical Islamists terrorized citizens into fleeing their homes (ibid). The police, this report stated, “are terrified of going into Muslim neighborhoods” (ibid).

In 2005, The Brussels Journal published “Ramadan Rioting in Europe's No-Go Areas”, (November 2, 2005). This essay reported from Sweden that police, fire and emergency responders feared going into certain Muslim neighbourhoods. That fear had changed the way police, firemen and emergency workers did their jobs. For example, Swedish ambulance drivers would enter those neighbourhoods only with a police escort. ”Angry crowds threatened them, telling them which patient to take and which ones to leave behind” (ibid). In Brussels, “The police has been told [by the Mayor] that it is ‘not expedient’ to patrol [in the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek] and officers are not allowed to drink coffee or eat a sandwich in the street during ramadan” (ibid).

So now Fox News has to apologize for referring to Europe’s ‘no-go zones’? Yes, they have to apologize because—according to Leftist political correctness--what they said was false, ignorant and Islamophobic (Spencer, ibid).

The road to Hell is paved with such apologies. Every such apology empowers the terrorists. Every apology brings their tyranny closer to your front door.

Lock your doors.


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