Thursday, December 25, 2014

Man, G-d, peace--and Mahmoud Abbas

In the long history of Man versus G-d, Man has always been a competitor. He has always sought to prove that G-d can be beaten.

That effort began with the Tower of Babel. It’s been going on ever since.

Man knows the first principle of power: you’re nothing until you become king of the hill.

Man wants to be that king. He wants G-dhead for himself.

Man surveys his world. He sees what he calls G-d’s work: poverty, war, oppression. That’s why Man turns against G-d. He says G-d has failed.

Man rejects failure. He wants to succeed. He says success comes when you control the world: the more you control the world, the higher your quality of life will be.

What’s wrong with that? Control disease, extend life. Control science, travel 500 miles in a single day in air conditioned and easy-chair comfort. Control farmland, refrigeration and transportation, eat fresh seasonal food year-round.

The more control Man has gathered for himself, the better life has become. That’s a proven fact. So far, Man’s control of his world has put a human on the moon. It’s conquered disease. It’s given us flat-screen TV, velcro and free internet pornography.

Can it get any better than that? Yes, it could get better--if Man had even more control.

That’s why Man wars against G-d: Man says he can do better.

Ever vigilant, ever competitive—ever patient--Man believes that G-d has made a mistake. In fact, according to Man, G-d has made a fatal mistake.

G-d didn’t stay in the forever-inaccessible Heaven. He didn’t stay hidden. He brought His Presence to earth.

That’s a mistake. Earth is Man’s turf. It’s where Man rules.

Man says it’s G-d’s fatal mistake. You see, when G-d came into this world he Chose to give His name and reputation to the Jews.

According to Man, that was G-d’s fatal error. He picked the wrong Chosen.

Ever since G-d had the gall to offend Man by choosing the Jew as His Chosen, Man has sought to erase that offense. He has sought to erase the inaccessible G-d by erasing the all-too-vulnerable Jew.

The Jew made G-d accessible. But that accessibility made G-d vulnerable.

Man’s plan is simple: if you kill G-d’s Chosen, you discredit the G-d. You ennoble the killer.

Surely, if Man discredited G-d, you’d acknowledge Man’s power. Surely, if Man destroyed G-d’s Chosen, you’d see that Man would be strong enough to put a chicken in every pot, win the War on Poverty and make sure you’ll never look fat again.

Look at what Man’s done so far. In the last hundred years alone, he’s brought you hip-hop music, computers, Starbucks coffee, sports bras and cell phones. He’s improved your life in those hundred years more than in all of past history combined.

Man’s done this because he’s gathered power for himself. He has used that power to improve your life. He has used it also to turn against G-d. Haven’t you noticed that these two trends have developed together?   

The last hundred years have brought incredible scientific and technological advancements to humanity. Those advancements improve your life. They also drive the war against G-d’s Chosen. The rise of Communism in the 1920’s, the rise of Nazism in the 1930’s and the explosion of Islamic-fuelled Jew-hate in the 1940’s, have all employed Man’s advancements in communication, transportation, chemistry and warfare to slaughter close to eight million Jews.

No one had ever killed that many Jews in so short a period of time. But it became possible because Man has grown strong.

Now, in the 21st Century, Man gets even stronger. He closes in on G-d. He closes in on the Jews. He creates human organs in a test tube. He develops drugs to reverse disease. He discovers a new way to destroy G-d’s Chosen.

He discovers Mahmoud Abbas.

Fuelled by the leadership of this Islamic Mahmoud, Man unites with a shared passion. Leftists—Man’s secret anti-G-d terror organization—unite with the EU, the US, the UN, the leadership of several Christian churches and many within Islam. Together, they build a new Tower of Babel. They will do what G-d has failed to do. They will create world peace.

Once, G-d promised the Jews He’d bring world peace. But do you see Him working at it? Do you see any results?

Man works at it. He understands results. He even has a bumper sticker to promote those results: for world peace, destroy Israel.

Mahmoud is strong. He dedicates his life to the work of Man. He leads Man’s war against G-d’s Chosen. Upon his shoulders, he carries Man’s hope. If he succeeds, Man will proclaim, ‘victory’.

All Mahmoud has to do is destroy the homeland G-d Chose for His Chosen.

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